10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage and Organizing Its Space

Spring is the time for flowers to bloom while you enjoy the warm winds (finally!) and get ready for the summer vibe to set in. It’s also the time you need to get down to doing your annual garage organization planning and cleaning ritual. Cleaning your garage is not as bad as it seems. In fact, with some of our garage cleaning ideas and garage clean out tips, you could make it a fun family exercise!

10 Tips on Spring Cleaning for Your Garage

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If you’re wondering how to clean your garage fast, we’re here to help you! To put things in perspective, let’s start by understanding that organization is the key. And to get you organized, we have listed a step-by-step approach herein. Here are easy garage cleaning tips to get your garage sorted in a jiffy.

1. Start With a Plan You Will Actually Use

Your garage is not just a place where your car is stored. You can also use it as the technical, storage, or equipment room to spend some free time fixing things. You can place and hold your tools in the garage, including vehicle parts, engine oil, and more useful items.

To retain all items accurately, most owners have to clean and free the garage. Before starting cleaning out your garage, you should plan how to design the garage to have free room for different stuff. After all, a long stay in a confined space that is dirty and messy (it often occurs in the garage due to a small space) can affect your mood.

As such, starting your self-cleaning in the garage with a good plan that you’ll actually follow is necessary. You can even make a garage cleaning checklist. This way, you will implement tasks easier. Prepare handy tools, a vacuum cleaner, and basic cleaning compositions that are clearly indispensable here. For deep cleaning of the garage, use only special vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning machines. You can take it for rent or ask professionals to vacuum all the dust.

2. Do a Research & Check Modern Garage Door Ideas

Another great tip before starting spring cleaning your garage is to google some up-to-date design and DIY ideas. This way, you will find new tips for place makeover and inspiration to create a nice space. Yes, after you quickly and effectively remove stubborn stains from fuels, lubricants and tire marks, you can focus on the creative part.

So what’s next? Research new easy ideas on decorating or coloring your garage, doors, walls, and windows.

You can check Pinterest DIY projects, look for advice from garage cleaning experts, or read what colors combine with each other in case you want to paint your walls and renovate the space fully. Even before you start cleaning and organizing your garage, it is worth researching and seeing photos of other modern garages and where people placed all the available things in order to avoid chaos.

3. Pull Out Everything

This is the first step to start garage spring cleaning. Emptying the entire floor space should be a yearly exercise you begin with. This will help you clear out what you don’t need and re-stock what’s replenishing.

Organize all that you need into 3 sections — keep, donate, dispose of. Wipe and sort the things to keep in one carton. The donation carton box can have things that you aren’t using anymore but someone else could. And lastly, disposing of the carton box is what you began cleaning the garage for in the first place.

4. Be Mindful of How You Dispose

Before you upturn your to-be-disposed carton in a trash can or a rag to be thrown away, be mindful of how you do it. Some of the mess may involve chemicals and hazardous stuff that should be handled with care. Check for directions to dispose of the exterior of the pack and take adequate care in doing so.

5. Deep Clean

An empty garage is the easiest to clean. Now that you have cleared out the entire space, start with a good thorough sweep of the floor. Dust the shelves, cabins, crevices and every nook of the garage. Wipe the ceiling to remove smoke stains, greasy dirt, and cobwebs. Run a water hose to wash down the floor and drive all the dirt out to the outside of the garage.

6. Utilize Vertical Space

Most residential garages have an area large enough to shelter a couple of cars. That shouldn’t stop you from maximizing the space in your garage and storing your outdoor necessities.

Make use of its vertical height to set up hooks and shelves to lodge away garden equipment and sort your tools necessity wise. An empty garage is the best time to plan your vertical shelves and have them installed. Keep what you seldom need on the higher shelves to save space and double up your garage as outdoor storage.

7. Organize Your Tools & Equipment

Dig into your to-keep carton and sort out its contents in order of usage. You want to stack the most used items in easily accessible places and toss the rarely used ones on the top rack of your shelves. This is one of the basic yet most useful garage organizing hacks. Check if you need to re-stock some of your lubricants, oils, and other equipment.

8. Clean & Check All the Windows

It is worth paying attention to the windows when you start spring cleaning. All small and huge windows should be carefully cleaned at the end. Try to access all parts and panels of the windows. Be aware that it may take more than half of the day to complete cleaning just the windows. Prepare all inventory in advance. Cleaning has to start from top to bottom, from the ceiling to the floor.

If you are not ready to spend personal time tidying all the windows, then ask for help. If you find stubborn stains on the inside or outside glasses, you can use vinegar and try a handy squeegee or a sponge. Also, it will be helpful to make a final cleaning move with a microfibre towel.

9. Take a Look at the Garage Openers & Other Important Parts

How to deep clean your garage? You have to pay attention to the main part of your garage while cleaning the space. The openers of garage doors have to be inspected in the first place. See if it’s working normally. Next, check out:

  • The security functions
  • Opener’s photo eyes
  • Chain drive
  • If there is enough lubricant

Clean it from the dust and call experts if you need to check the age-related issues. See other parts of your garage door and clean them carefully with a sponge or by using paper and towels.

10. Get That Annual Maintenance Done

And lastly, after cleaning out the garage, get that annual maintenance done on your garage door and your door opener. Your garage has survived a harsh winter. There’s no saying the kind of damage it may have survived unless you have an expert over to check it.

This maintenance exercise is the last but most important step on your garage spring cleaning checklist before you load all your stock into its rightful place. Check for any cracks or breakages in your garage, locking system, or opener controls. Once you round off the maintenance, you have covered all the steps to clean a garage.

How Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage Help to Make a Better Space

The mess of your garage may slowly move into the house. Besides, it will be challenging to find things in the garage. So cleaning and organizing your garage could be handy, and you will enjoy many benefits. First, you have to organize your space to keep the place clean. You can decide where you can put some things or what stuff you can simply throw away to make a room free from your belongings.

Make a map if necessary; this will give you a better idea of where you put equipment. You can start cleaning with large things that take up a lot of space. Then you can place smaller stuff on the shelves. Arrange them so that you have as much space as possible for the rest and put things in order:

  • You can use old plastic containers or get new ones at Ikea. You can also check the recycle online websites to find necessary boxes;
  • You will be amazed at the way you can organize your garage using simple household items.
  • You can collect all screws and small items and add them to coffee cans.
  • Use special boxes near the wall and organize them by colors.

How to Keep a Garage Clean All the Time

The cleaning process will be easier next time if you will keep your garage organized all the time. How to keep a garage clean? The less stuff you have, the faster you will finish your cleaning. Time after time, you can ask someone to help you with quick cleaning or hire an assistant to keep things organized. Assign responsibilities and create a schedule.

Remember, cleaning up a dirty garage can take a week or even more, so don’t be overwhelmed and take breaks. Otherwise, you will leave the shining garage with a complete mess in your head.

The cleaning may take some more time if you wish to keep a place in a good state all the time. Surely, you have places in the garage that require thorough cleaning. So how to clean out your garage without nerves? Our advice to keep sanity and order and clean dirty spaces every week. Maybe you also have something to share on this topic or do you have some questions? Send us a message!


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This checklist on how to clean and organize your garage is sure to come in handy when you have to get down to the job. Engaging garage maintenance and cleaning experts could make the job a whole lot easier for you without having to spend a weekend doing it yourself.

STI Garage Door houses garage door maintenance and cleaning experts who can manage your entire annual exercise at cost-effective prices. Our engagements across cities and expertise over the years ensure you get nothing but the best in terms of service, experience, and cost.

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