3 reasons why recommend you to change your old electric garage door opener

3 reasons why recommend you to change your old electric garage door opener

You may need to consider to change your garage door opener if its from the days before your favorite band first appeared in the radio on the local station.

We compiled 3 great reasons that will show you that it’s time to move on from the old mechanism and accept the idea that it needs to be changed. At the end it comes down to how safe your old garage door system is as well as being able to take advantage of new technologies that will make your life simple and safer.

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Your safety and your family


Ask yourself what is the main endreace to your house if you have an attached garage?
For most homeowners, it’s the garage of course! You park your car there, leave for work, go out to the airport for a vacation and coming back ; Maybe you use it as a workshop or to access lawn and garden accessories, kids run off to school then return in the afternoon… t Quite a lot, right?

The belt drive model has a metal‑reinforced rubber belt. This type of opener tends to be much more quieter, and its fits perfectly for those that there bedroom located above the garage and wish to sleep while there love once come back late at night.

Taking all that to consideration, it is very important for your door opener to have some system to prevent future injuries. Before 1993 garage door openers had one automatic reversal system. In this system, when the door is closing , if it comes in contact with an some sort of obstacle, the impact will cause reverse the garage door direction.


As you might think not all people were diligent to verifying the proper functioning this safety system of their garage door along with the countless accidents involving children, U.S. and Canadian authorities decided to implement  a secondary safety system, this one using some sort of light beams (photo eyes). This safety gizmo consists of 2 parts placed on each side of garage doorway, about 4 to 6 in. from the ground with one of the units sending a beam of light to the other. If some obstacle pass through the beam, the light will not reach the other unit (break the beam sight) and the door automatically goes back up.

Can you guarantee that you garage door is equipped with these two safety apparatus automatic reversal systems  that they are working properly, thus insure your safety and that of your family?


Protect yourself from intruders from getting inside you house

If you use a remote controller to open and close the door thats uses DIP switches set in either a +, 0, or – position, with not much efforts the signal can be received by ill‑intentioned, that may use it to borgezie when you absent or even worse.

Before 1993, most door openers receivers have used an advanced technology of randoming codes. This means that every time you wish to open the door with the remote, a fresh new code is generated for that specific use. In 1993, Chamberlain Group began to programmed their remotes with the upgraded methods Security + system which granted couple millions of  different codes. Not long after the new system followed and it called “Security+ 2.0 system” in 1996 offering well above 1 billion different code combinations.


The houses of the future

We all know that the future of all houses is to be smarter, safer and more connected.
We already pass the point where we can operate almost all the electrical devices through the ouwer smartphone, smartwatch, tablets ,laptop and we can only guess what the future holds from us ; thus as you might know, today, even the garage door can be open from anywhere. That technology appeared on 2013, and now its well spread across most electronic accessories.

And today we have got even more advanced techniques, for example in 2017, new garage door openers came with a wi-fi component, that allowed you to use you voice to open and close the garage door, the future is already here, don’t you think?

Prevent the noise from the garage door makes while working

You may need to consider a newer or a different garage door opener if someone lives room above it , if your garage door opener uses a chain drive system, like you see on a bicycle, or anytype of steel cable, you are probably already sick from the terrible noise your garage make every time you or your family uses the garage opener.
Todays door openers use mainly rubber belts with reinforced metal fibers like your carstairs, and this method is proven to be very effective and much more quieter.

To even more noise reduction, you may choose nylon rollers in black or white instead of the noisy metal rollers. Furthermore, there is another option to install a rubber like spacer between the door opener and the ceiling that’s the machine is attached to  for a even quieter operation.