6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage

Spring is the time for flowers to bloom while you enjoy the warm winds (finally!) and get ready for the summer vibe to set in. It’s also the time you need to get down to doing your annual garage organization planning and cleaning ritual. Cleaning your garage is not as bad as it seems. In fact, with some of our garage cleaning ideas, you could make it a fun family exercise!

Tips on Spring Cleaning for Your Garage

If you’re wondering how to clean your garage fast, we’re here to help you! To put things in perspective, let’s start by understanding that organization is the key. And to get you organized, we have listed a step-by-step approach herein. Here are easy garage cleaning tips to get your garage sorted in a jiffy.

Pull Out Everything

This is the first step to start garage spring cleaning. Emptying the entire floor space should be a yearly exercise you begin with. This will help you clear out what you don’t need and re-stock what’s replenishing.

Organize all that you need into 3 sections — keep, donate, dispose of. Wipe and sort the things to keep in one carton. The donation carton box can have things that you aren’t using anymore but someone else could. And lastly, the dispose carton box is what you began cleaning the garage for in the first place.

Be Mindful of How You Dispose

Before you upturn your to-be-disposed carton in a trash can or a rag to be thrown away, be mindful of how you do it. Some of the mess may involve chemicals and hazardous stuff that should be handled with care. Check for directions to dispose of the exterior of the pack and take adequate care in doing so.

Deep Clean

An empty garage is the easiest to clean. Now that you have cleared out the entire space, start with a good thorough sweep of the floor. Dust out shelves, cabins, crevices and every nook of the garage. Wipe the ceiling to remove smoke stains, greasy dirt, and cobwebs. Run a water hose to wash down the floor and drive all the dirt out to the outside of the garage.

Utilize Vertical Space

Most residential garages have an area large enough to shelter a couple of cars. That shouldn’t stop you from maximizing the space in your garage and storing your outdoor necessities.
Make use of its vertical height to set up hooks and shelves to lodge away garden equipment and sort your tools necessity wise. An empty garage is the best time to plan your vertical shelves and have them installed. Keep what you seldom need on the higher shelves to save space and double up your garage as outdoor storage.

Organize Your Tools & Equipment

Dig into your to-keep carton and sort out its contents in order of usage. You want to stack the most used items in easily accessible places and toss the rarely used ones on the top rack of your shelves. This is one of the basic yet most useful garage organizing hack. Check if you need to re-stock some of your lubricants, oils and other equipment.

Get That Annual Maintenance Done

And lastly, after cleaning out the garage, get that annual maintenance done of your garage door and your door opener. Your garage has survived a harsh winter. There’s no saying the kind of damage it may have survived unless you have an expert over to check it.

This maintenance exercise is the last but most important step on your garage spring cleaning checklist before you load in all your stock into its rightful place. Check for any cracks or breakages in your garage, locking system or opener controls. Once you round-off the maintenance, you have covered all the steps on how to clean a garage.


This checklist on how to clean out a garage is sure to come in handy in situations when you have to get down to the job. Engaging garage maintenance and cleaning experts could make the job a whole lot easier for you without having to spend a weekend doing it yourself.

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