Garage Door Repair and Installation in Annapolis, MD

Contact STI Garage Door for dependable garage door service in Annapolis. Our highly skilled professionals install, maintain, and repair commercial and residential garage doors and opener systems. Whether it’s a sliding door, roll-up, swing-out or up, they’ll perform a full check of the garage entry system, including:

  • Identify if the door closes and opens correctly
  • Check the door or panels for dents or damage
  • Observe if the door seals appropriately when closed
  • Inspect the tracks for breaks, twists, gaps and secure supports
  • Make sure brackets are fastened securely and are aligned
  • Observe if the springs, pulleys, and cables are fastened and in working order
  • Check the tension on the torsion spring and bar
  • Test if the opener is operating as it should
  • Ensure sensors, remotes, and keypads work

Using the checklist, our pros will suggest repairs and provide a free estimate on-site. We guarantee our work and products and back it up with the best warranty. For garage door repair in Annapolis call our well-equipped technicians to tune-up your opener and door.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Annapolis, MD

Emergency Repair

For the best residential and commercial emergency garage door service in Annapolis, call on our team 24/7. That’s weekends and holidays too! We’ll get your door on its track, and ensure your opener works as it should, plus make sure your wireless system connects properly.

Your door and opener provides a safe and secure entrance into your business or home. When you need a repair, we’ll be there! Our experts will provide a free estimate on how long it will take and cost. No work begins until you approve the work order. Once you give the nod, they’ll quickly and efficiently fix the problem, replace any damaged components, all for a reasonable rate. Just give us a call!

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Annapolis, MD


Are you in need of a new garage door installation in Annapolis? Residential or commercial, standard or semi-custom, we carry, installs, and maintain roll-up, sliding, swing-up or out garage systems. If you require a custom fit, order with us!

Our experienced techs are well-equipped for all installations, including impact doors for added security at your business or home. If you want to bring the outdoors in, we have glass panel units that will do the job. We provide the best warranty and guarantee our parts and workmanship. We’ll even dispose of your old doors and openers too.

Opener Repair and Service

If you need a garage door opener installation in Annapolis, give us a call! We handle garage door opener repair and replacement, so your garage entry system works efficiently. Our experts will maintain and fix motors, tracks, belts, chains, wired entry panels, keypads, wireless remotes, and sensors. We can set you up so your phone or device will monitor and operate your door, no matter where you are. For added security, we offer units with rolling codes that change the access code every time it’s opened. If you’re concerned about blackouts, we can install a battery backup system that will keep your door operating.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Annapolis, MD

Insulation and Maintenance

Residential garages often double as workspaces, and uninsulated doors make it difficult to keep out temperature extremes, which can lead to increased heating and cooling costs. We carry insulated doors and so you can use your garage space more comfortably. Give us a call and arrange for one of our knowledgeable technicians to come out and discuss your options.

Our insulated garage doors have thermal ratings from R12 to R18 and are designed for both home and commercial operations. If you need to maintain temperature control to protect products or reduce energy consumption, we have the doors for you.