Garage Door Repair and Installation in Centerville, VA

Garage doors provide reliable and easy access to workspaces, storage, shops, loading areas, and even places to park vehicles. So when they break or fail, call on STI for commercial and residential garage door repair in Centerville! Our experts will inspect your garage door and opening system, including:

  • Open and close the door to assess the mechanical operation
  • Check the panels of the door for damage, crimps, and dents
  • Inspect the seals around the door
  • Observe the rails and tracks for obstructions, twists, breaks, crimps, and gaps
  • Determine that all connections and brackets are tightly fastened
  • Scan cables, springs, guides, pulleys, and gears are aligned and secure
  • Make sure the torsion spring and bar have adequate tension
  • Assess that the opener system functions properly
  • Test sensors, keypads, remotes, and all electronic and wireless components

Upon completion of their inspection, our technicians will prepare a free estimate for your approval. Once you give your go-ahead, they’ll fix or replace worn or damaged parts to get your entry system working again.

If you don’t want to wait for something to fail, we offer preventative garage door maintenance in Centerville. We’ll give your system a tune-up, lube moving parts, tighten all bolts and cables, and do general maintenance. All you have to do is call. We have reasonable rates and guarantee parts and work with the best warranty!

Emergency Repair

Garage doors provide access to homes and businesses, so when they break or fail, call on STI for commercial or residential emergency garage door service in Centerville. We’ll get your door back on track and operating as it should. Our emergency service is 24/7, including weekends and holidays! We offer reasonable rates and guarantee our parts and work.

Our experienced professionals are well-equipped and will assess your entry system. They’ll troubleshoot the problem, and fix or replace faulty or broken parts like cables, gears, belts, fuses, and tracks. Our skilled techs will tune-up your opener and door, so it operates like new. All you have to do is give us a call!


Do you need a new garage door or to replace an existing one? For dependable commercial or residential garage door installation in Centerville give STI a call! We carry, install, service, and maintain pivot, roll-up, and sliding doors in a variety of types and styles. Plus, we offer garage door opener repair and replacement too.

Garage doors provide access to storage and workspaces, security for products and people, and protection from the elements. We carry and install standard, semi-custom, and custom garage doors for commercial and residential locations. If you need an insulated door to better control internal temperatures, full glass panels for vistas and light, or impact doors for extra security, we carry and install them too! All you need to do is call!

Opener Service

Commercial and residential garage doors work more efficiently with garage door openers, but when they break down or fail, give us a call! Our highly skilled technicians provide installation and garage door opener service in Centerville. We carry and maintain electronic and mechanical openers for homes and businesses.

Our well-equipped pros will repair and service your garage door opener. They’ll thoroughly check it out and replace worn or broken belts, cables, pulleys, and gears. If it’s sensors, remotes keypads or other parts of the electronic or wireless system, they’ll fix or replace those components too. For emergency repair 24/7, rely on STI, we’ll be there to get your door moving!

If you require garage door opener installation in Centerville, contact STI Garage Door. We carry, install, and maintain single and multi-user opening systems. Whether it’s a remote, sensor, keypad, or for additional security rolling codes that alter with every use, we have a system for you! We also carry battery backup devices to keep your system operating when the power is out.

Insulation and Maintenance

Garage doors are usually large openings that make it easier to move vehicles, products, equipment, and shipments in or out of buildings. Unfortunately, they also allow heat and cold to penetrate your work or storage, making it challenging to maintain a steady temperature. Don’t sweat it! We have commercial and residential garage door insulation blankets and kits which will help control temperatures and even reduce cooling and heating costs!

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, we carry, install, and maintain commercial and residential insulated garage doors in Centerville. The doors help improve temperature control in your garage or workspace, protecting your vehicles and merchandise from extreme temperatures. You’ll be able to control temperatures within, decrease energy costs, plus reduce sound penetration. Contact our experts about all your garage door and opener requirements!