Commercial Garage Door Insulation

Insulated garage doors make rooms energy efficient by making it retain a warm or cold environment. This is critical for industries that cater to temperature-sensitive goods like medicine or dairy food and for warehouses with meat products.

Insulated garage doors also help block outside noise due to the insulating materials acting as a sound absorber. The extra protection given by the insulation can also make the garage door stronger and can be a factor during very bad weather conditions or make doors impact-resistant to prevent cars from crashing in.

If you already have a commercial garage door, it may seem like a simple DIY project to install a commercial garage door insulation kit. But, garage doors are installed and calibrated to the door weight. Adding weight can unbalance the door mechanism and cause damage. That said, it is best to leave this project to garage door experts.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors Insulation

Insulating garage doors increase the efficiency of energy use and provide savings on heating and cooling costs. The extra protection it provides can also make an already solid door even more sturdy. One of the values to look for when installing insulation is the R-value. This value shows the heat flow resistance of a particular insulating material. A higher value means better insulating properties. Below are the types of insulation for commercial garage doors.

1. Fiberglass batt Insulation

A common type of insulation for garages that can be installed easily on new or pre-existing commercial garage doors. The fiberglass material comes in pre-cut batts or portions usually installed with foil or paper sandwich in-between the fiberglass and door. Fiberglass batt is also the most affordable option among insulations and can easily fit sectional garage door panels. Insulating R-values are from 3 to 4 per inch of thickness.

Cost: about $0.30 per square foot of fiberglass.

2. Foam board insulation

A garage door insulation that comes in large and rigid panels typically made from a styrofoam-like material called polystyrene. Even a thin panel with ½ inch thickness has a very high insulation property. Due to its lightness, it does not add too much weight to the garage door and the foam board panels are easy to cut making it easy to install. Insulating R-values depend on thickness with ½ inch thick panels having a rating of 3.3 and a 1-inch thick panel rated at 6.5.

Cost: about $0.625 per square foot of 1-inch thick foam board.

3. Reflective insulation

Adding a reflective material like aluminum foil to both sides of a board, fiberglass or foam can increase its insulating property. This insulation is effective in reflecting heat and light making it ideal for garages located in hot or tropical locations. The approximate R-value is between 3.5 to 6, depending on the way you apply it.

Cost: about $0.40 to $0.50 per square foot of aluminum.

Cost of Commercial Garage Door Insulation

In addition to the main commercial garage door, buying insulating material will add about $100 to $200 to the total cost depending on the size and type of insulation used. Labor cost will also vary depending on the complexity of the project. Below are the two main components that affect the cost of adding insulation to commercial garage doors.

  • Commercial garage door insulation panels: The cost varies per material and ranges from $0.30 to $0.625 per square foot. Meaning for a 10-foot x 10-foot garage door insulation, expect to pay $30 for fiberglass, $62.50 for foam board, and $50 for aluminum foil.
  • Installation: Labor cost for delivery, installation, and mobilization. The typical installation cost of insulated overhead garage doors takes about 3 to 4 hours and range between $40 to $75 per hour per person with most projects requiring two persons at a minimum. You can save on labor cost if you choose to have insulation installed together with the garage door.

Installing insulation on existing garage doors will typically take about 2 hours with labor cost between $50 to $75 per hour per person. Unlike a full garage door installation, this can be a one-person project.

Why You Should Choose STI Garage Door for Commercial Garage Door Insulation?

We are the premier commercial garage door service provider in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Installing, repairing, and replacing industrial garage door insulation is one of our many expertises. Garage doors mechanisms are designed to handle a certain weight and adding insulation can put your doors at risk of damage if not properly installed.

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