Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

People are so used to seeing standard garage doors in their neighborhood that most won’t have the foresight to design one instead of getting the usual ready-made variety. Amaze your neighbors by revealing your brand new and unique garage door design.

Unlike before, there are a lot more garage door design options available. Choosing the right garage door means getting one with the right look, functionality, and materials. This article will help spark your imagination to come up with your own custom garage door design.

Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

Why design your own garage door?

For most homeowners, nothing is more important than style and design. Before we delve into some design ideas, let’s first identify why it is advisable to design your own garage door.

A garage door is a vital part of your home

Besides being in the front of your house, a garage takes up a lot of your property space, so you should aim to make it as good looking as possible and make it a focal point of your home’s design. A reliable garage door is also vital to the safety of your home.

It can increase your property’s value

Finding and investing in the right garage door style is not just for architectural reasons. The added curb appeal of a well-designed garage door will increase the value of your home. If you are in the buy-and-sell business, consider upgrading the house’s garage door before selling, and you’ll find that you can earn back the investment. 

Customize the door for convenience

Custom garage door design ideas will have all the elements that you want and, more importantly — be a perfect fit for your space and requirements. Off-the-shelf doors might not be big enough to accommodate your lifted truck or wide enough to fit your car. When you design your garage door, you have the option to build it to meet your needs.

Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

Garage door design ideas

Today’s garage door designs range from contemporary to futuristic and use a combination of materials that were simply not available before. Get a gauge of what you want for your home by looking at these design ideas.

1. Traditional garage doors

They are characterized by basic panel designs that offer a classic garage door look. It usually features raised or recessed panels that can be short or long. Many window options that can complement the look of any home are also available. On top of the panels, windows are installed to add illumination and accent. The cascade design for garage door, with its arching windows, is a popular choice. This is perfect for homeowners looking for a no-frills garage door with solid construction.

Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

2. Rural or farmhouse style

These old-country style doors mainly use wood and have a natural element which exudes warmth and beauty. It is perfect for homes with a rustic or classical design. These wooden garage doors can also be easily modified with metal studs, plates, or handles to better coordinate with other elements of your home. A simple hinge garage door design can perfectly match a cabin or vacation home. A homeowner can also play around with garage door paint design ideas to match their home’s colors. If thick enough, wood also has insulation properties that can keep out the cold and dampen the outside noise.

Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

3. Full view glass garage door

These ultra-modern garage doors have an unmistakable urban feel and are usually made with equally modern materials like aluminum and high-grade synthetic materials. A glass garage door facade design is a stylistic example of using aluminum frames with full view glass to create a stunning display. This door is perfect for showcasing your driveway and adding an exterior accent to your home.

4. Cambridge design garage door

If you want to design a garage door for urban homes with a traditional but modern feel, you can opt for a Cambridge garage door. These doors are usually made from composite materials combined with recycled wood, resins, and CFC-free plastics that are processed to form a sturdy and environmentally friendly material. These natural-looking doors are resistant to heat, water, and UV rays, making them a perfect match for urban homes looking for some rural touch.

Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

5. Carriage garage doors

This garage door design has an old-world charm and is perfect for large homes. Carriage house doors capture the style from years gone by and will be perfect for custom garage door design ideas that look to recreate 18th and 19th-century homes. It has a wooden-look that resembles a stable swinging door, however instead of a traditional hinge, this door moves up and down just like a modern garage door. Decorative hardware like hinges and handles is perfect for homeowners looking to add a personal touch. 

Design Your Own Garage Door: 6 Garage Door Design Ideas

6. Contemporary garage doors

A minimalist garage door modern design with clean and simple accents lines. It can feature sleek windows that complement a modern home’s exteriors. These are commonly made from aluminum; thus, these doors are light, durable, and rust-resistant. The metallic element offers a modern contemporary look and can be finished with a variety of colors. Although not as strong as pure steel, the lighter aluminum is a popular material for automatic garage doors because it places less stress on garage openers.

Ready to make your design idea a reality?

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We can schedule one of our professional experts to visit your place for an onsite inspection. Our specialists will check the viability of your design and provide a thorough inspection of the garage area. Once done, you’ll get the detail of what will be done, the time it will take to finish, and the total cost of the project. If you accept the project proposal, we commit to building your dream garage door on time and without additional charges. Give us a call to discuss your garage door design.

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