Does the first impression important for my house?

of course, it is a rhetorical question.

The first impression your home makes is the most important. It sets the tone for the overall aesthetic of your house.

Usually, the main attention and the money when renovating invest in the interior of the house because we are trying to achieve the “designer look”.

We sometimes forget that the first impression of our house is the exterior. And remembering it when we want to resale the house. However, the exterior apparel should not be just to raise the cost of the house and the chance to sell it can set the tone of the overall aesthetic of your home.

By upgrading the exterior of your home will greatly improve the first impression of it.

renovating the exterior of your home elegant and welcoming really goes beyond just a lovely garden. Maintenance is crucial to hindering appeal and nothing to us can make a greater impact on the exterior of your home that beautiful garage doors.


Tired, old garage doors with stripping paint can dominate any lovely landscaping you have done. Due to the sheer size and sometimes place of your garage doors, they are often the first thing noticed on the front of your home. So why not look to a company like STI Garage Door to help create a first impact worth remembering.

They offer high-quality products, a range of accessories and options such as insulated low energy doors high efficiency; as well as having a wide range of beautiful garage doors to fit any style. Whether it’s classical, modern or carriage house that best satisfies your home you’re sure to find the right fit to give the outside of your home a rich look that says, “welcome to my home”, with open arms.

Here are a few suggestions to help when choosing garage doors:

If the primary thing you see on the face of your house is the garage then make that a focal point. Pick a door that stands out whether with color or style to make your home notable.

Color should always complement the outer coating of your home (the brick/siding/stone). You don’t need to coordinate the color but you should be managing in the same tones.

Considering adding lighting to the soffits over your garage doors to highlight them, much like you would a piece of art on the inside of your home.

Make your garage doors more obvious by adding molding features throughout them.

Remember clear, bright colors can sometimes look too distracting on such large surfaces, your intention is to produce curb appeal and differentiate your house from the others on the street not make your neighbors cringe.


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