Garage Door Repair and Installation in Falls Church, VA

Garage doors come in different shapes, styles, and sizes to fit commercial and residential uses. They provide security and protection and may be operated manually or with an opener. So when something breaks, jams, or won’t work, don’t worry, call our experts for reliable garage door repair in Falls Church! They’ll check your garage entry system out, including:

  • Run the door and observe its movement
  • Check the door for dents and damage
  • Inspect the door seals
  • Observe the track for obstructions, pinched rails, twists, breaks, and gaps
  • Make sure all brackets are secure and aligned
  • Ensure springs, cables, and pulleys work and are fastened
  • Assess the tension on the torsion spring and bar
  • Watch how the opener functions and operates
  • Test the sensors, keypads, and remote systems

Our pros will provide an on-site estimate free before work begins. Once approved, our skilled team will fix or repair your door or opener. Whether it’s a broken belt, cable, chain, motor, bushing, gears, pulley, track or something electronic, they’ll get it up and working. For the dependable garage door opener repair and replacement call on us! We have the best warranty and guarantee our products and work.

Emergency Garage Door Repair in Falls Church, VA

We often take garage doors and openers for granted and expect them to work at the push of a button. When they don’t work, it’s not the end of the world! For commercial or residential emergency garage door service in Falls Church, call the experts at STI Garage Door! We have you covered 24/7, including holidays and weekends!

We offer reasonable rates and a free on site estimate! Our professionals will assess the problem, troubleshoot a solution, and fix your door or opener. Our pros are experienced and well-equipped with parts and components to get your system rolling, swinging, or sliding as it should.

Garage Door Installation in Falls Church, VA

We rely on garage doors and openers to provide security and convenience for our home or business. Whether it’s a roll-up, swing up or in, or a sliding panel, contact STI for garage door installation in Falls Church.

We carry residential and commercial garage openers, and doors from standard to semi-custom, plus custom doors can be ordered to fit any opening. Our experts are ready to assist customers with their selection, including glass or insulated panels, or impact doors for added security.

Whether you have a new installation or are replacing an existing one, we have a door for you. We also provide dependable garage door maintenance service in Falls Church for your convenience. All you have to do is call!

Garage Door Opener Repair and Service in Falls Church, VA

Tired of manually opening and shutting that heavy garage door? Does the opener need a tune-up or to be replaced? Is the multi-user remote panel locking everyone out? For the most reliable garage door opener service in Falls Church, give STI a call! We carry, install, service, and maintain residential and commercial garage door openers.

We guarantee our garage door opener installations in Falls Church with the best warranty. Whether it’s a damaged belt, chain, cable, pulley, or motor, we have the expertise to fix or replace your mechanical system.

We also install and repair wireless and electronic components for multi or single user openers. If it’s rolling-codes for security or a battery backup, we’ll install and service them too. You may prefer a keypad, remote, sensor, or an app on your phone or device to operate your door; consult our team for what you need.

Garage Door Insulation and Maintenance Services in Falls Church, VA

Many garages become hot in the summer and frigid in the winter for lack of insulation. For residential garage door insulation, call on our professionals. They’ll help you select a garage door insulation blanket or kit for your door to help regulate temperature extremes. We’ll even install it for you too.

For commercial and residential customers, we carry insulated doors. The panels are filled with polyurethane foam which provides a thermal rating of R12 to R18. The doors help control temperatures in garages and workplaces, which will decrease cooling and heating costs. Our pros will install, maintain, and service your garage doors and openers. Give us a call today.

STI Garage Door
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Michelle R.
2019-09-06 05:59:47
Great service. Sergey was professional, and fixed our garage door very quickly. We called on a Thursday after 4pm, receptionist was easy to work with and...
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Michael B.
2018-10-02 14:53:21
I was charged $150 for work that lasted less than 5 minutes. This was not an after hours emergency call, it was the middle of a weekday. I did not get a...
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Trey R.
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