Garage Door Repair and Installation in Frederick, MD

Stop searching for a garage door company you can trust. If you need top-quality garage door repair in Frederick, Maryland STI Garage Door is the place. We have years of experience in this field, and we have put together a knowledgeable, well-trained team to meet all of your needs.

Something that is quite often overlooked by garage owners is a periodic tune-up of all of the components of your garage. if our technicians find issues as part of that tune-up, our technicians can repair anything including:

  • Tracks that are bent or damaged
  • Torsion springs in need of inspection and possible replacement or repair
  • Cables needing a regular inspection for possible damage
  • Brackets that may have become bent or damaged
  • Motors that are straining or no longer functioning
  • Bent or degraded mounts
  • Openers that no longer work properly
  • Electronics causing issues like remotes and keypads
  • Door panels that need inspection and possible repair or replacement

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Frederick, MD

Emergency Repair

There really is no good time to have your garage door break down. That is why we are always available 24/7 to come to your location to repair your garage door on a moment’s notice.

Our customer service team can dispatch a skillful technician to your location right now. It does not matter if the problem is a door that is stuck open, an automatic opener that stopped working, or a door that is physically damaged, our emergency garage door service in Frederick, MD crew is well-equipped to fix the issue.


Our garage door installation in Frederick, Maryland is quite simply the best in the area. We offer doors for your commercial or residential location and we carry hundreds in stock. If you are looking for something special and unique, we can provide a custom door order.

We can install any type of door at any location from a classic swing-up door at your home or a reliable roll-up door for your business. Our professional technicians can handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Frederick, MD

Opener Services

People often install automatic garage door openers because they get tired of getting out of their car to open their door manually. That is why it is so frustrating when it stops working properly. Don’t endlessly search for garage door opener service in Frederick, MD. We offer the parts and experience to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Frederick, MD

Maintenance and Insulation

Our garage door maintenance service in Frederick, Maryland will get you back clicking that door open in no time at all.

Garage owners are quite often amazed at how much heat and air conditioning is lost through a garage that is not insulated properly. Cut down your energy losses and maintain a more efficient home or business with a properly insulated garage.

Our technicians can easily check out your garage and then give you the insulation choice that is perfect for your needs. Our company carries the best types of both commercial and residential garage door insulation to meet the demands of your garage space.