Garage Door Installation | STI Garage Door

A new garage door enhances the exterior of your house, provides security and energy efficiency.

And as a main entryway into your home, a garage door not only needs to look great, it has to be installed correctly in order to be able to sustain continued use.

If you’re looking for a quality job you can trust the expertise of STI Garage Door technicians.

We will take you through the entire process from picking out the right garage door to making sure that you know how to work it.

We will go over garage door installation costs, types, optional accessories and an installation process.

We will inspect your existing door and hardware to ensure your new garage door is a perfect fit.

With the largest available stock of garage doors in the area, you will have no trouble finding one that suits perfectly with the exterior of your home.

We offer a wide range of choices including classic wood panels, modern sectional steel and energy efficient insulated products.

On the day of your installation our technicians will arrive with all the tools and knowledge needed to complete the project effectively and precisely. We will disassemble and throw away your old door and any hardware.

All moving parts of your new garage door will be checked and the springs adjusted to keep the door in balance.

We will leave only when we’re confident that the job has been completed to perfection, and you know how to operate your new door.

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