Garage Door Maintenance

There may be nothing in your home or business that you take for granted more than a properly operating garage door. When you push that button, you depend on the door opening and closing every time. If you have just purchased a new garage door, you want to get the best return on your investment possible. Regular garage door maintenance service is paramount in keeping your garage door operating properly, to extend its useful life, and getting the most out of your investment. Regular preventive maintenance should be performed at least once per year. This is especially true in a climate like ours where there can be weather extremes throughout the year. Don’t neglect a checklist to inspect and perform regular maintenance on your door and then find yourself with an inoperable garage door at an inopportune time.

Garage Door Maintenance

What Is Covered in Maintenance Service

Our regular maintenance service includes the following items:

  • Inspecting all of the nuts and bolts of your door and tightening where necessary
  • Inspecting all torsion springs and their plates and adjusting and lubing as necessary
  • Performing chain maintenance
  • Inspecting and adjusting all rollers and hinges
  • Inspecting and balancing all extension springs
  • Performing track maintenance
  • Inspecting your vital lifting cables and making precise adjustments as necessary
  • Making adjustments to the overhead and side door tracks as necessary
  • Checking all parts of the exterior frame and adding lubrication as needed
  • Replacing door bottom weather stripping as needed to help keep the outside elements at bay
  • Inspecting all of the electrical components of the door system such as the control panel and electric eye system
  • Giving you peace of mind by inspecting all safety systems to make sure they are in proper working order
  • Maintaining and tuning all remote controls and door opening accessories
  • Inspecting the door reversal system to make sure it works properly

As you can see, we make a plan for a comprehensive examination of all of the parts of your garage door system. This regular maintenance service will assure the continued proper operation of all parts for your convenience and safety.

Garage Door Maintenance

How Often Does My Garage Door Need To Be Serviced?

We recommend our regular maintenance service at least an annual basis. We recommend that this service be performed ideally before any cold and inclement weather begins so that you do not find yourself with an inoperable door in weather where you need your garage door to work correctly the most. If you use your door several times per day, such as in a commercial application, we recommend more regular service intervals during the year. If you find that your door is not operating as well as it has in the past or as you have come to expect, this is also a sign that it is time to schedule a regular maintenance inspection and service for your door.

Garage Door Maintenance

What Is The Cost of Maintenance Service?

In general, we can perform our standard service for less than 85$. If our inspection finds issues that need to be addressed, your cost may increase. Items that need to be repaired or replaced could increase your cost, but remember that these items will assure you of a properly working garage door at all times.

Garage Door Maintenance

Why You Should Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our highly-trained, professional, and courteous staff that truly care about your business. From your first contact with us, to our warranty of service after the sale to guarantee the job is done right and keeps working right for years to come. Simply fill out our online service form or give us a call. Our friendly customer service staff will schedule you an appointment at a time that is convenient for you at your location and our highly skilled technicians will get the job done right the first time and at a price you can afford!

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