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A new garage door is a big investment, and you want it to operate efficiently for a long time.

Regular garage door maintenance can help ensure you get the best value out of your garage door investment.

You need to make sure your door always operates the way it should.

Our Services include:

  • inspecting all nuts and bolts and tightening where necessary.
  • inspecting torsion springs and all plates, with adjustments made and lube added as needed.
  • inspecting, lubing and adjusting the rollers and hinges.
  • inspecting and balancing the extension springs.
  • inspecting the lifting cables and making the correct adjustments.
  • adjusting the tracks as needed.
  • checking the exterior frame and adding lubrication where needed.
  • replacing the weather stripping on the door bottom if necessary.
  • inspecting all electrical components in the door opener including the trolley.
  • ensuring that all safety systems are working properly.
  • tuning of the remote controls and any door opening accessories.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A regular maintenance schedule will extend the life of your garage door, will ensure that you are always able to enter and exit freely. We provide all of the garage door maintenance services possible. You should have your garage door checked at least once a year, ideally before the cold weather hits. This is a technical job that should be conducted by experts who have the tools and training to do the job safely.

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