Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

A remote garage door opener uses a low power radio frequency to power the mechanisms that raises and lowers the garage door. The frequency in the remote is matched to that on the garage door opener itself, so that when you press the right button the opener is alerted to either open or close the door. If your remote is lost or stops working a replacement garage door opener can be programmed to keep you rolling in and out as you are used to.

Most problems with your remote garage door opener can either be contributed to dead batteries or the erasure of the remote code that corresponds with your garage door. The first thing you should try if the remote has stopped working is to open the garage door with the wall push button. If the garage door does not respond than the problem is with the opening mechanism, not your remote. In this case you will need a service call to diagnose and repair your garage door.

If the door does open manually then it is probably time to replace your garage door opener with a new one. We replacement garage door openers for all the major brands, making it easy to get your door back on track quickly.

With our extensive expertise, we can help you with a replacement garage door opener and anything else you may need to keep your garage door rising and falling on demand as it should.

During a power outage, your commercial garage door opener won’t work – unless you have a battery backup opener. Not all garage door openers have a battery backup feature, but those that do ensure your garage door will continue to open and close when the power goes out.

STI Garage Door carries battery backup openers, along with all the parts to maintain and repair commercial garage doors, fire doors and swing doors. We also offer emergency service, and if your door needs to be repaired or replaced, we work quickly to minimize your downtime.