Garage Door Tune-Up: 5 Signs When You Should Do It

Most of the time, a garage door works properly without any trouble. But over time, it may suffer wear and tear, which may eventually lead to trouble opening or closing the garage door. The best way to avoid this inconvenience is through regular maintenance. You can do this by having a garage door tune-up from time to time.

So what is a garage door opener tune-up? Why do you need it? How do you know when you need a tune-up of your garage door? How much does a garage door tune-up cost? How often do you need a tune-up for your garage door? If you are asking these questions, then read this article.

Garage Door Tune-Up: 5 Signs When You Should Do It

What Is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

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A tune-up is a process in which professionals look at your garage door to check if all parts are working properly. It usually starts with a visual inspection where the professional looks at the different parts of the garage door system. During the inspection:

  • The technician will check the mechanical components of the door;
  • Technicians will look for cracks or rust in the garage door. Cracks can let in water into the garage, increasing the risk of more damage;
  • During the mechanical inspection, the technician may lubricate springs so that the door opens and closes smoothly;
  • If there are cracks or the paint is peeling, then the technician will have to repair this immediately;
  • The technician will have to scrape and repaint the damaged part of the door. Scraping and painting will prevent the crack from spreading to other parts;
  • Roller hinges are also inspected. Technicians will clean roller hinges and apply lubricating oil.
  • Technicians check the tracks to make sure the trajectory is straight. If the track isn’t straight, the garage door specialist will adjust it;
  • Technicians also check other parts of the garage door system such as the opener and remote control during a garage door tune-up;
  • The safe settings will also be checked to make sure everything is working as it should.

How often should you have a tune-up for a garage door? It is best to have a professional tune-up of your garage door at least once every year. Doing this allows you to avoid a costly expense of a garage door repair. When you have a tune-up regularly, you can diagnose problems early on, resulting in fewer chances of having unwanted inconveniences. So call a technician to tune up your garage door and save a lot of money in return.

Garage Door Tune-Up: 5 Signs When You Should Do It

5 Signs of Needing a Garage Door Tune-Up

The main reason to have a tune-up for your garage is to save hundreds of dollars for repairs. Apart from being regular maintenance, other signs may tell you that it is time for a garage door tune-up. If you notice any of these signs, it is an indication that your garage door needs immediate attention. The signs of needing a garage door tune-up include:

1. Strange Noises

You may hear strange noises coming from your garage when you try to open it. It may be a grinding sound or as if something is being dragged on the ground. This may be an indication that the track is uneven. When debris accumulates on the track, it may cause a grinding sound as you try to open the door. Any loose parts may also cause such noises. These sounds may also occur when rush builds up.

2. Unsteady Movement

The garage door should open and close smoothly. If this doesn’t happen, and it jerks, then it is time to get a tune-up. A jerky door may be a sign that the bolts may be loose. Unsteady movement is also a sign of insufficient lubrication in the garage door.

3. Uneven Tracks

Over time, tracks may become bent. The door closing relies heavily on the tracks being straight. If the tracks are bent, then the door will not open and close properly. Environmental factors such as water can damage the tracks. Also, overuse may contribute to tracks bending. If you notice this, it would be better to repair the problem to avoid future hazards.

4. Damaged Rollers

Rollers are responsible for making sure the door closes smoothly. Any damage will lead to difficulty closing the garage door. The rollers between tracks can become cracked or suffer wear and tear.

5. Abnormal Operation

Whenever you start experiencing difficulties when opening the garage door, it is time to schedule a tune-up. That way, the technician can examine the entire garage door operation system and put the proper diagnosis. Any parts that are damaged can be repaired or replaced. The technician will make sure the safety system is working properly as well.

Additionally, signs the operation system is abnormal include:

  • Difficulty closing the door
  • A door that refuses to open
  • Finding the door open after closing it

Garage Door Tune-Up: 5 Signs When You Should Do It

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What Is the Cost of Garage Door Tune-Up?

The cost of a garage door tune-up depends on the problem that you are having. A simple inspection of the different parts of the door doesn’t cost a lot. The extent of damage that the technician finds during the garage door system examination will also influence the final price. If you need to replace damaged parts, get new tracks or bolts replaced, you might be charged more.

All in all, you will save hundreds of dollars if you service your garage door regularly. If you do a tune-up without experiencing any problems, then it will be cheaper. Tackling the problem before it becomes serious will help you avoid spending on costly repairs and replacements. If the damage is minimal, a tune-up may cost less than $100.

Final Thoughts

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Regular maintenance of your garage door helps you to avoid serious problems later on. A tune-up of your garage is a way for a technician to check the entire operating system. If any abnormalities are found, the technician will repair them.

Experts recommend a tune-up at least once every year. However, if you experience signs such as loud noises, bent tracks, or roller damage, it may be an indication that you urgently require a tune-up. Getting a professional to look at your garage door at this stage helps you avoid expensive repairs and replacements. To save a lot of cash by investing in a regular garage door tune-up.

STI Garage Door offers a cost-efficient way for you to get a garage door tune-up. Our skilled technicians will inspect and fix any problems so that you have a garage door that functions smoothly year-round. Contact us now to schedule a tune-up for your garage door!

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