Smart Garage Door Openers

Garage Doors and their openers have gotten an upgrade in technology. No longer do you have to get out of the car or even push a button to open your garage door. Like many tech-savvy products, a smart garage door controller is an add-on that works with your existing door opener. These let you control the door from anywhere through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or even the computer.
Most homes today have the popular keychain remote, which also prevents inconvenience. This activates your garage door from your car or from inside the house using a small remote device that fits easily on a keychain. Many homeowners are integrating Wi-Fi or bluetooth garage door openers for easier access. These can be controlled by smartphone or tablet by a touch of the screen. To make this feature more exciting, you don’t even have to be within a certain radius of your home to use it. You can check the status of your garage door while you’re at work!

Garage Door Opener Features

Garage door openers have many features that can appeal to your needs. Some of these features which include easy access, code operated, battery backup are essential and included with most high-tech garage door openers.

  1. Remotes: Convenience is essential when it comes to the garage door opener. Most of these allow opening and closing from inside the house while handheld remotes can activate the opener outside.
  2. Manual release: Sometimes, you need to raise or lower the door manually. Many models of openers feature a manual release to disengage the door from its electric mechanisms to make lifting easier. This can usually be done through the keypad.
  3. Rail segments: Most garage doors include rail segments that fit doors within seven feet. They are more expensive, but they last for quite a few years as long as they’re handled correctly. They offer high horsepower and an extensive warranty.
  4. Home automation system: The power of the voice is king as this allows the homeowner to control a multitude of prompts by merely voicing the request.
  5. Wi-Fi integration: Newer opening systems feature the ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to control your door with a touch from any smartphone or tablet. Smart garage door openers also give the homeowner the ability to monitor their entry from an app anywhere.
  6. Security light: It’s good to have light as you walk or drive through your garage door. Many security lights will power on automatically when the door is activated. This makes it easier to pull in and out of the garage after dark.

Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers offer built-in connectivity for easier access. Not to mention codes for security. Replacing the old one can open the benefits of using your iPhone or Android to operate your garage door. Many feature open and close history, video streaming and security, notifications, and even Bluetooth enabled.

Should You Install High-Tech Garage Door Opener by Yourself?

At some point in the life of your home, the garage door opener should be replaced. Though some will try the DIY method, this can be a huge undertaking. It’s important to know what you’re getting into whether it’s a replacement or new installation.
Someone with experience at handling and testing opener systems is needed to take care of the installation work for you. At STI Garage Door, we have the expertise required to install all facets of a garage door opening system. We can meet your needs with a full line of professional-grade systems along with an abundance of options to meet your needs.

It is essential to choose an installation that not only is high quality but from a professional service provider as well. Your first call for a high-tech garage door opener should be to us. We feel confident with our estimates that the work needing done will flow seamlessly and without a worry!

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