Proper protection for your garage floor in harsh conditions

Do not get confused; the types of winters we’ve learned to know recently in maryland and virginia  are more than hard times on our garage floor surfaces. Fortunately, there are solutions we can offer, the solution is the material your garage floor are made of, some material are more resistant to the cold and can not be damaged as quickly during the harsh winter.

You can go all the way in protecting your garage floor when you carefully choose the right type of floor covering.

Why is the winter harm garage floor surfaces?

Fog and humidity are one of the worst enemies to your garage floor. That’s why choosing the correct covering that will be as effective as it can be both in the winter and the summer is compulsory. The water, snow, ice and mud that cottage in the wheel wells and on the underside of your car, and how we can forget th

e mud that come off your boots, are harmful to a floor. add the frequent freeze and thaw cycles and you get a muchly increased risk of water damaged floor. In conclusion, you should choose carefully the most watertight covering possible.

The most winter-resistant material

To prevent the problems this winter, protect your garage floor by installing the suitable material for your floor covering. Here is the number one choice and what the experts at Béton Surface suggest:

  • Polyurea with flakes:
  • This garage floor covering material has become increasingly popular with homeowners in recent years, and rightly so! Polyurea is not epoxy but is just as durable and resistant. Its one‑of‑a‑kind appearance is ideal for maintaining the classic look of your garage, while protecting it from harsh winters. With remarkable weatherproofing attributes, you won’t have to worry about snow, rain or water penetration. To protect your garage, go with polyurea – a top‑quality material!


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