Garage Door Repair and Installation in Springfield, VA

We expect our garage doors to open or close when we push a button or apply some effort, especially when we’re in a hurry. When the door doesn’t open we ‘turn the air blue’. We’re here for you when you need residential and commercial garage door repair in Springfield. Our well-equipped experts will get it working so you can relax. They’ll do a thorough check, including:

  • Open and close the door to observe the mechanics of its movement
  • Observe the door panels for crimps, dents, and damage
  • Check the door seals
  • Inspect the tracks and rails for pinches, twists, obstructions, gaps, and breaks
  • Ensure connections and brackets are tightly fastened, aligned, and secured
  • Assess that cables, springs, pulleys, and guides align and work freely
  • Test that the torsion bar and spring have adequate tension
  • Run the opener to see how it functions and operates
  • Make sure sensors, remotes, keypads, and other electronics and devices work correctly

After they’ve inspected the garage door system, our technicians will present a free on-site estimate. Upon approval, they’ll fix or replace mechanical or electronic components, including belts, cables, motors, tracks, sensors or fuses. Don’t wait for the problem to happen! Call STI to arrange garage door maintenance service in Springfield.

Emergency Repair

Garage doors and openers are an important part of the daily operation of most homes and businesses. So when they break or fail, hail STI for commercial or residential emergency garage door service in Springfield! We provide 24/7 coverage, including holidays and weekends!

Our professionals will check out the door systems, and fix or replace faulty parts to get your door working again. Our pros are well-equipped to repair damaged belts, cables, pulleys, tracks, springs, and other things. If it’s the wireless or electronic components, they’ll solve that too. Give us a call. We’ll fix it all at reasonable rates and a guaranteed warranty!


Garage doors and openers are common features of residential and commercial life. There are different styles and types of doors from roll-up, sliding, swing-up, or out. However, they all provide protection, security, and convenience. For a replacement or new garage door installation in Springfield, give STI a call!

Our Company carries, installs, maintains, and services standard and semi-custom garage doors, and you can order a custom door to fit any location. If you want an insulated door, full glass panels, or an impact door for added security, we carry those too. Come in and check out our doors, speak with an expert, or ask about garage door opener installation in Springfield. Our team is here to help you!

Opener Service

Garage doors can be challenging to move, so many people have openers to do the work for them. If you’re tired of lifting, pulling or pushing that door, or your opener has burned out, give STI a call for garage door opener service in Springfield. Whether commercial or residential, single or multi-user, we install, maintain, and service the mechanical and electronic components of your garage door opener.

Our technicians will assess, troubleshoot, and fix your garage opener system to minimize downtime. They’ll repair or replace belts, chains, cables, motors, sensors, keypads, remotes, and even batteries to get your door opening and closing, so you don’t have to sweat. We offer 24/7 emergency service too.

If you need a new opener system for single or multi-users, check out our selection. We have keypads, remotes, sensors and pads, and even rolling codes that change with every use for added security. We even have battery backup systems for when the power is out.

Insulation and Maintenance

Home and business garage doors offer protection and security for vehicles, storage, assembly, and workspaces. Unfortunately, most doors don’t provide much protection from the heat and cold. We carry and install commercial and residential garage door insulation kits and blankets to help reduce temperature extremes and lower heating and cooling costs.

If you’re looking at a new door, we carry, install, and service insulated commercial and residential garage doors too. The polyurethane filled panels have an R12 to R18 thermal rating, which will further improve the temperature control. Call on our experienced professionals for all your garage door and opener requirements!