Tips for the coming spring cleaning for your garage


The spring is almost here! The weather is warming up, the nature start to clean itself from the falling leaves of the winter, and decorate the plants with green, and if you didn’t caught the spring fever yet, it will in the next couple of weeks. As the nature start to clean we get inspired to get our home clean and organized. And for the average person the most disorganized place in the homes is their garage. And what a better time to start The Garage cleaning of the year that you are postpone for such a long time.  If you planned to tackle this mission, just open your garage door and let the cooled breeze in while you organize and clean. Our STI garage door team wants to give you some good tips so you can finish your job a little bit faster and better.


5 spring cleaning tips for you garage


Finnish you annual maintenance first

Spring is the best time to check if everything works properly and even get an upgrade, maybe your garage survived this harsh winter with the hard rains and strong winds. Our team will loved to answer for you some questions about your garage door and when you need to upgrade the looks and the security of you house. Maybe you got some cracks or loose hinges that need repair. Take the opportunity of the spring cleaning before the busy summer is coming.


The classic trio KEEP, DONATE and TRASH

While you sort through all of your belongings  pile them in three stacks: keep, donate and trash.

The key of fast cleaning is to take care of the piles as fast as possible. Take the trash pile to recycling center. Make sure you Donate pile is picked up by donation pick up services, and finally find a place for all you items in the garage.


Make a good use of your wall space.

The best way to utilize the space of your garage is to use its wall as well, the goal is to free as much space of you garage floor as you can. You can hang on the wall all the tools you have and, get some shelves, so in this busy than ever summer you will stop stumble around your belongings.


Clean everything

As the name of the forth tip suggests give all the space a good clean. Sweep, scrub and wash the floor. Dust all the spiderwebs and dust that accumulates all the winter, use you garden hose to clean the garage door from the dirt.


Kick back and enjoy your spring

Once everything is clean and organize you can remove one of the hardest chores from your to do list. And if you need help or to upgrade your garage door you can call as and we will be happy to help.


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