Garage Door Repair and Installation in Upper Marlboro, MD

Don’t lose sleep over a malfunctioning garage door. STI Garage Door services cater to a wide spectrum of needs ranging from garage door maintenance service in Upper Marlboro, MD aside of garage door insulation, motor tune-ups, component replacement, garage door opener installation in Upper Marlboro, and a host of other efficiently executed services.

Whether it is a noisy, creaky, or crashed door, malfunctioning cables, or broken down panels, trust STI Garage Door to identify and solve any problem your garage door is giving you. Not only it is troublesome to operate a malfunctioning garage door, but it is also potentially unsafe. Make no delays in a prompt fix for your garage door opener repair and replacement with warranty and minimal downtime.

Based on the issue at hand with your garage door, we suggest optimal repairs, replacements, or a complete rehash of your garage door. Our professional and expert team of technicians gives you a complete understanding of the problem at hand along with the cost and time estimates.

Residential & Commercial Garage Door Installation in Upper Marlboro, MD

We offer a wide range of options regarding residential and commercial garage door installation in Upper Marlboro. Ranging from contemporary styles to traditional designs, we help you choose what is ideal for your home and surroundings.

Based on the climatic conditions, we advise you on the installation of metal doors, wood doors, composite doors, or any other material that may suit your requirements.

We also suggest comprehensive door opener mechanisms at reasonable rates. You can trust us to bring to the table various door opener facets such as:

  • Motor openers
  • Spring adjustments
  • Track building
  • Bracket mountings

We offer comprehensive guidance on using the keypad of your door remote to enable you to manage and control your garage door without confusion.

Our commercial garage door installation services have gained immense traction with architects, developments, building managers, and contractors. We cater to large-scale industrial garage door services and hold expertise in specific requirements such as:

  • Roll-up steel doors
  • Side-folding grilles
  • Fire shutters

Trust us to choose the best solution for your residential or commercial garage door requirements. We would be happy to visit your premises and run you through what we think is the best option for you.

Insulation and Maintenance

We are a one-stop solution to all your garage door maintenance and repair requirements and offer same-day visit and consultation services. Keeping in mind that garage doors can throw problems at you any time of the day or night, we are available for your assistance 24/7, even on weekends and public holidays. We ensure that your garage door breakdown does not impair your routine and daily life and will work towards prompt servicing and execution with minimal downtime.

We also offer complete commercial and residential garage door insulation services. You can be assured that our skilled technicians will only advise you what’s best for you from a cost perspective, maintenance perspective with timely execution.

Opener Service

Your garage door works to serve you and maintain the safety of your garage. Through this process, it may face some trouble which requires the assistance of skilled and experienced technicians such as the ones at STI Garage Door. Simple issues like:

  • Noisy operations
  • Rusted springs
  • Lopsided openings or springs that have lost elasticity could suddenly arrest the movement of your garage door

In order to not worsen the situation and get your door back on track, we suggest you undertake prompt garage door repair in Upper Marlboro. Simply give us a call at STI Garage Door to facilitate prompt solutions to the most complex of garage door problems. We are well-equipped to help with:

  • Torsion spring repair
  • Motor repairs
  • Damaged cables, etc

Emergency Repair

You never know when your garage door will break down. We at STI Garage Door understand the sense of urgency in these situations and offer emergency garage door service in Upper Marlboro. Give us a call and we would be happy to offer same-day assistance and consultation.