Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap garage door

Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap garage door

If one of your plans is to replace or “upgrade” your garage door with the cheapest that you can find alternatives you may need to replanning. A cheap garage door is a recipe for disaster, and in the long run it will be more expensive then a better alternative

The quotes “you get what you pay for”, speaks the truth in this particular situation.
Imagine yourself drive home late from work tired you park your car in the garage, you get outside the car, you pull the garage remote out the suddenly you hear a loud noise from your garage opener, this load noise we always hear our coming customers explain they heard before they got to us, we call this noise, a cheap garage door opener, it is like the bound to break after two seasons. Now you stuck all your belongings are open to the public and you start taking all the expensive and important stuff to your home until the repair team will show up with unreasonable price.

The Harsh Winters

The harsh winter known to break mostly cheap garage doors, the ice, snow, rains ,storms and even the extreme difference of temperature from the inside and outside for the garage can destroy it completely.

The poor home owner how wants to open the garage door after snow has fallen will have a bad time, in the morning the ice will jam the garage door opener system, and if he will get lucky it will melt after a few hours, if the rust will let such thing even move.

Even the closing system can be a hustle, a poor installation or cheap components can make you stack half way through and all the snowy water will melt into the garage.

The maintenance can help the problems that we described above, but most of the house owners don’t have the time or energy to take care of it every other day.

More than a simple garage

Today the garage space is more than a workplace or a car parking spot. Today people rent the garage for college students some people make it there man cave,mini gym and even brew  beers.

Find the Right Door

STI garage door can help you made the right decision you can contact us in any time, and our support team will be happy to help you in any subject.

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