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    Garage door insulation service creates a thermal barrier to regulate the temperature in your garage. Using modern technology will help keep your garage at a relatively mild temperature and help control energy costs in your house.

    The Process

    It is a relatively simple process of adding insulation to the inside of your door. The insulation product can be made of fiberglass batt, foam board, or reflective insulation, commonly known as a reflective barrier.

    Each of these products is rated with an R-value. The higher the R-value, the better they will insulate your garage.


    Below, we describe some benefits you will receive by ordering our garage door insulation services urgently.

    Typically, your garage is only about 5-7 degrees warmer than the outside air on a cold day. An insulated garage can be up to 20 degrees warmer, which means less variation between your garage and home temperature and less energy usage!

    You already spend enough heating and cooling your home, especially in the dead of winter and the peak of summer. Why spend more when you can keep your garage at a reasonable temperature and make your whole home more energy efficient?

    Another great benefit of garage door insulation service is how wonderful a space you can create for your prized cars and possessions. In some climates, automobiles are loath to start when the temperature is too low. Why not keep them in an environment that eliminates that risk.

    If you also keep prized possessions and mementos in your garage, keep them safe and extend their life in a well-insulated garage. Nothing does more damage to delicate items than wild temperature fluctuations and extreme heat and cold.

    The outside world can be a noisy place, with both traffic and weather noise. A well-insulated door will act as a sound barrier against these unwelcome sounds penetrating your serene home.


    Insulation comes in a wide variety of styles to suit almost any application. Our garage door insulation services company can show you how one or several of these types would be perfect for your garage.

    • Batt insulation does a wonderful job of preventing air and vapor from entering the garage. This flexible insulation is made of a combination of paper and foil attached to fiberglass and then applied to the door.
    • Another option is sectional foam boards attached to the door using compatible connecting hardware. These insulation panels are made of polystyrene and offer a high R-value in the form of a very thin panel.
    • If your garage tends to get very hot in the summer, a great choice is reflective insulation. This system uses highly reflective aluminum attached to polyethylene bubbles to reflect heat out of the place.
    • If you want to make sure that every crack and crevice is insulated, a great option is spray foam. The foam is applied by spraying the material onto the surface, ensuring that no application area is left uncovered.

    Call Our Experts

    Are you not sure whether you need garage door insulation? Wondering, “Where can I find a good professional near me?” Call professional technicians from our company to install garage door insulation. We will be happy to take care of all your concerns and provide the highest quality garage door insulation service. Fill out our online request form or give us a call, and let our technicians provide a complete proposal to properly insulate your garage today!

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