Commercial Garage Door Installation | STI Garage Door

STI Garage Door is your professional source for commercial door installation. Our commercial garage door installers are certified, experienced and routinely work with building managers, developers, contractors, architects and business owners to provide the right door for the right situation.

Garage doors often mean the difference between safe and unsafe; great security or no security; extensive fire damage or an isolated incident. As professional, commercial garage door installers we work within code, within the toughest deadline and we always find ways to overcome the most challenging of difficult site demands.

STI Garage Door can install virtually every kind of industrial or commercial door or grille manufactured.

We install commercial garage door types that include insulated or non-insulated, industrial rolling steel doors, counter doors, coiling grilles, side folding grilles and a huge selection of fire shutters.

Our selection includes steel or aluminum in all colors, slat types and grades, and our installation technicians understand what it is you need for a specific function or requirement.

We will not recommend any commercial or industrial door that is not right for your requirements.

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