Commercial Garage Door Opener Installation

STI Garage Door is a premier company that offers end to end expertise in installing commercial and industrial garage doors suiting your requirements, your facility and your budget.

Our expertise in this field makes us the preferred service provider for a wide range of garage door opener solutions including insulated doors, sectional steel doors, rolling grills, high cycle doors, mini-storage roll-up doors and fire-rated doors among many others.

Engaging an expert ensures all safety protocols are adhered to. Our professional team follows strict configuration guidelines for all your requirements. May it be residential, commercial or industrial garage door openers, we uphold our best practices always.

Commercial Garage Door Opener Installation

Openers For Different Commercial Garage Door Types

Our qualified team will be happy to visit your commercial established on a no-cost consultation basis and understand how your requirements can be matched with the topography of your facility. We offer a whole range of commercial garage door opener options including:

  • Commercial trolley openers
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Roll-up sheet doors
  • Commercial overhead door openers
  • Commercial roll-up door openers
  • Waterproof commercial door openers

If your industry or factory is labor-intensive with various hazardous materials around, you may want to install a garage door that involves minimal clearance and interference with the shop floor.

A commercial roll-up garage door opener is an ideal option suiting this requirement. Likewise, temperate climates with high humidity and rainfall call for waterproof commercial opener buttons to avoid any electrical health hazards. There truly is versatility in our design and service.

Commercial Garage Door Opener Installation

Cost of Industrial Opener Installation

Installing a garage shutter door involves various costs associated with motoring, remotes, keypads and in some cases even syncing the same with your smartphone. Additionally, you also need to factor in the electrical work involved in getting the power unit set-up.

The price for installing a garage door opener of your choice can range from $200 — $650 based on variations in opening speed, pulley operator whether belt or chain-driven, lighting, and sensor features.

Here are some cost considerations to keep in mind:

  • Nature of drive — chain drive, belt drive, screw drive or direct drive
  • Horsepower of the door opener
  • Nature of the remote, keypad and smartphone compatibility
  • Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Battery back-ups
  • Overhead lightings
  • Nature and extent of the warranty
  • Labor costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Security sensors enabled

Having worked in this space, we as a company understand various price points in garage door opener installations and execute optimizations to make the entire installation exercise light on the customer’s pocket.

Commercial Garage Door Opener Installation

Why You Should Choose Our Company?

We are working on our unmatched levels of quality, efficiency, and excellence in service and design. It is for this reason that we are the foremost choice for shutter garage doors in this part of the world.

Say goodbye to heavy manual systems and creaky doors that come rolling down without notice. Get in touch with us to understand how we can make operating your doors much easier and hassle-free.

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