Craftsman Garage Door Repair and Installation

    Driving a car is a great responsibility. Owning a garage adds some duties as well. As an owner, you will have to keep an eye on its seamless operation so that the garage ensures the safety of your car. STI Garage Door is here to help you with all the possible issues, especially if you have chosen a door made by Craftsman.

    Craftsman Garage Door Installation

    Craftsman garage door opener installation is the first task you have to deal with after purchasing the garage door of this brand. However, regardless of the brand, installing a garage door always needs specific expertise and skills, especially if the door is equipped with a sensing mechanism. Indeed, the proper installation of a door is the central pillar of its seamless operation in the future since, in this case, you can be sure that there will be no sudden breakdowns, door sagging, and gradually emerging gaps.

    Our experts are perfectly skilled in installing Craftsman garage doors. You are welcome to get in touch with them for professional assistance.

    Craftsman Garage Door Maintenance

    After your Craftsman door is installed, it’s time to maintain it, supporting its seamless operation and prolonging its service life. Indeed, you can do it on your own, using the door carefully. However, preventive maintenance is also important, and our specialists are here to help you with this task as well.

    A garage door opener is the most expensive and essential element of the door, so Craftsman garage door opener maintenance is the way to avoid costly breakdowns in the future.

    Craftsman Garage Door Repair

    Sooner or later, the need for Craftsman garage door repair will arise. The matter is that even the most expensive and carefully treated doors have their service life which can be extended if you fix the problem on time. Our customers often need to repair Craftsman garage door opener since this is the primary mechanism of the door used day after day. In most cases, repairing or replacing a door opener is a top way to prolong the operation of the door. What’s more, the cost for Craftsman garage door opener repair service is pretty affordable so that you can avoid extra spendings.

    Our skilled specialists are right here to help you with garage door repair, identifying the root problem and suggesting the best way to fix the door. Get in touch with us anytime for a free consultation and professional support.

    Craftsman Garage Door Replacement

    If you have faced the need for Craftsman garage door opener replacement, you are also welcome to contact STI Garage door for professional assistance. Our experts will be able to suggest the best option to replace the door with.

    What’s more, sometimes extending the service life of the old door can still be possible. For example, there may be a need for Craftsman garage door opener repair, and surely, it will cost less than replacing the whole door. Being guided by our practical experience, we will be able to suggest the best option for your case, saving you from extra costs.

    Emergency Garage Door Service from STI Garage Door

    Unpleasant situations always occur at the wrong time. A broken garage door is no exception, unfortunately. Our clients often call us when they urgently need help with a garage door slammed from the inside due to an accidental oversight. Even more often, the garage door breaks when you have to be at an important business meeting in 15 minutes.

    However, regardless of the situation and the complexity of your breakdown, you can contact us at any time of the day or night for emergency Craftsman garage door opener repair and assistance.

    Why Choose STI Garage Door—Main Reasons

    Below are just some of the reasons why our new and current customers repeatedly choose our company, recommending us to other drivers and garage owners.

    • All-inclusive service. Our company would be glad to help you in any trouble with your garage door. Our skilled experts are one call away when you need garage door installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services.
    • Instant help. In the case your garage door isn’t opening, locked from the inside or there is any other problem with it, you can call us 24/7 and rely on our round-the-clock service.
    • Three-state coverage. We cover Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, so the owners of residential and commercial garage premises from these states are welcome to contact us anytime!
    • Affordable services. We know that having a car and a garage along with it promises significant expenses. That’s why we keep the prices for our services at an affordable level, meeting the financial expectations of our customers.

    Contact us now for instant help!

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    Proven expertise

    Six years of experience in garage door and opener repair and replacement helps us identify your problem quickly and accurately and offer the best solution.

    Professional Team

    Our garage door service company consists of people who love their job and take any request seriously. You can trust us for your garage door repair and spend your precious time with your family or business.

    Reach us 24/7

    Do you have an urgent problem? No need to put it off. We understand how important a garage door is to your home. Submit a request for a garage door repair service on our website at any time, and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

    Clear pricing

    The cost of the conversion work is negotiated at the very beginning. First, we diagnose the issue and discuss all options with you. After you approve the plan of action, we provide you with the total price. You won’t get any unpleasant surprises like additional costs.

    Complex solutions

    A garage door malfunction may have several causes. That’s why our garage door service and repair company makes a complete diagnostic of your particular problem, eliminates all of its sources, and makes recommendations on technical issues.
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    Karl J.
    2022-03-03 12:43:17
    Musha did a great job we loved his services Thank you Musha
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    Kevin K.
    2021-11-16 13:42:02
    My name is Kevin, I live in clarksville, Maryland. My house old garage door replaced by STI Garage Door Company Their price and service very good and...
    Alyssa S.
    Alyssa S.
    2021-07-09 11:49:20
    Our garage door came completely off the track and was only supported by ladders we used to prop it up -- major garage door emergency! I called STI and they...
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    Jackson F.
    2020-12-05 18:51:25
    The rain was coming and the door would not close automatically, so I had to disconnect it. It was catching on the bracket that I had moved, bent, and...
    Jay K.
    Jay K.
    2020-11-04 12:28:22
    I highly recommend him. I had issue where garage door didn't close fully. He came on same day and fixed it immediately. I will hire him againZ
    Trey R.
    Trey R.
    2020-09-12 07:07:49
    We had STI (Sergey was there of course) come out and replace the garage door openers (complete system excluding the actual doors) at our new place. Same...
    Michelle R.
    Michelle R.
    2019-09-06 05:59:47
    Great service. Sergey was professional, and fixed our garage door very quickly. We called on a Thursday after 4pm, receptionist was easy to work with and...
    Michael B.
    Michael B.
    2018-10-02 14:53:21
    I was charged $150 for work that lasted less than 5 minutes. This was not an after hours emergency call, it was the middle of a weekday. I did not get a...
    Trey R.
    Trey R.
    2018-06-04 14:00:13
    Wow!! Just wow. Sergey - you are a scholar and a gentleman (I'm pretty sure that was a compliment from when my dad was a kid). Beyond impressed with his...