Garage Door Repair and Installation in Potomac, MD

For garage door installation in Potomac contact STI Garage Door! We carry, install, and maintain garage doors and openers for residential and commercial customers. Whether you have or need, a roll-up, sliding, or swing-up or out garage door, we are the service for all your garage door requirements. Our techs carry out a full checklist of items, including:

  • Test that the door opens and closes properly
  • Inspect door panels for damage
  • Check that the door is level and seals at the top, sides, and bottom
  • Make sure the tracks are adequately supported, and there are no gaps, breaks or twists
  • Inspect all brackets for alignment and secure fastening
  • Check all pulleys, springs, and cables work as they should and fastened correctly
  • Identify that the torsion spring and bar offer correct tension and are secure
  • Confirm that the electric opener works correctly
  • Test that keypads, remotes, and sensors work properly

They’ll suggest repairs that will keep your garage door and opener working correctly, and provide free on-site estimates. Plus we have the best warranty in the business, and we guarantee our products and work. If you need an opener or garage door repair in Potomac, call on our experienced professionals. Our well-equipped technicians will also tune-up your opener to keep the motor and wireless remote systems working as they should. We’re the team you need for all your garage door needs!

Emergency Garage Door Repair in Potomac, MD

If your opener won’t work, your door is off its track, or there was a break and a crash, call on our emergency garage door service in Potomac. It’s 24/7 and includes weekends and holidays!

Our experts will adjust the tension on the torsion bar if needed, make sure brackets, tracks, wheels, and pulleys are aligned and working as they should. We’ll assess the problem, give you a free estimate on repair costs and time, and fix the problem.

Your garage door opener is an important part of your home or businesses secure access. If it needs repair, we’ll be there! Our pros will make sure your remote opener is working correctly. Whether wireless, keypad, panel or some other type, we’ll fix it efficiently with quality components at a reasonable rate. All you have to do is call!

Garage Door Installation in Potomac, MD

When you’re searching for installation or garage door maintenance service in Potomac, go with the best! Our team of experienced professionals will help you choose the best door for your home or business, and install it. We have many standard and semi-customizable doors in stock, and can easily order in custom made to measure to fit your requirements.

We not only install residential and commercial garage doors, but we also maintain and service them too. Doors can shift out of level or develop an irritating squeak or squeal; our well-equipped technicians will provide a free estimate, and then fix or repair the problem and check to make sure everything works as it should. We guarantee our work and parts!

Garage Door Opener Repair and Service in Potomac, MD

If your garage door remote isn’t working, or the motor has seized, you need a garage door opener repair or replacement. For dependable garage door opener service in Potomac, contact our experts. We sell, service, and repair residential and commercials openers, and we offer the best warranty and guarantee our work.

To repair an existing opener, or for a new garage door opener installation in Potomac, call on STI. Our service always comes with a free estimate, and we offer reasonable rates and only quality workmanship. We carry openers with keypads, panels, remote, sensors, rolling codes, and even battery backup systems, so it always works. You can even monitor and operate the door from your phone or device!

Garage Door Insulation and Maintenance Services in Potomac, MD

Garage doors control access into homes and business properties; they also help to keep the weather out. Thin metal doors aren’t much protection from the extremes of heat and cold, so we offer insulated doors and products to help control the temperature. Contact our experts to discuss insulation products, residential or commercial insulated doors in Potomac. We sell, install, service, and maintain all garage doors.

Our polyurethane insulated doors have quality floor seals and weather-stripping to provide R12 to R18 insulation to help maintain temperature control. Residential garage door insulation will help reduce energy bills, plus keep your vehicles and interior space more comfortable. Our commercial doors are insulated to help maintain temperatures to protect products, plus we carry impact doors for better security, and roll-up glass doors to help bring the outdoors in.

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Michelle R.
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Michael B.
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