Clopay Garage Door Repair and Installation

    Clopay garage doors are the perfect balance of quality, safety, and ease of use. For your seamless experience as a garage owner, take a look at Clopay garage door repair opportunities and other services we can provide.

    Clopay Garage Door Installation

    If you’ve never owned a garage before, here’s your first insight. Installing a garage door is the most important process you will face as a new owner. And it’s not just about keeping your car safe from moisture and theft. Very often, the security of the garage equals the security of the house, since the garage can be directly connected to the house.

    Thus, the more secure doors you choose for your garage, the safer your home and car will be. Clopay garage doors are an excellent choice, the perfect match of price, quality, and stylish design.

    What’s more, it is imperative to install the door correctly and securely to avoid premature breakage, gaps, jamming of the lock, and other problems. Clopay garage door installation requires some specific expertise our in-house professionals would be glad to offer.

    Clopay Garage Door Maintenance

    Clopay garage door maintenance is another issue you should keep an eye on. The thing is that the better you maintain your garage door, the longer it will last and the less likely you are to need Clopay garage door repair panels anytime soon. Our company also provides preventative maintenance for Clopay brand garage doors to ensure they work seamlessly, fix potential problems before they become a significant problem, and extend the door’s service life.

    If this is your first time facing the need to service your garage door, please contact our company for advice. Our experience shows that careful handling and timely diagnostics prolong the door’s life at least twice.

    Clopay Garage Door Repair

    However, even with proper maintenance and timely diagnosis, the need for Clopay garage door repair service will arise. Most often, our customers apply for Clopay garage door opener repair since this is the most sensitive mechanism of the door, especially if it is powered by sensors. In the latter case, the opener is the most expensive part of the door, so trying to repair it on your own may lead to additional costs and the need to replace the opener. That’s why we kindly recommend getting in touch with our specialists and avoiding making repairs on your own.

    Our team will be able to find the problem, suggest the most cost-effective way to fix it, and get your garage door back to working conditions as quickly as possible. We specialize in both residential and commercial Clopay garage door repair, so you are welcome to reach out.

    Clopay Garage Door Replacement

    Even the most reliable doors need to be replaced sooner or later. Our experts say that it is better not to put off this task, as the cost of delay may be the safety of your car and home. However, before deciding to replace the door, it is worth consulting with experts, as it may still be possible to solve the problem more economically and extend the door’s life.

    In addition to the Clopay garage door replacement services, our specialists can also advise you when to choose a new door to meet your expectations and budget better.

    Emergency Clopay Garage Door Repair from STI Garage Door

    In addition to the services we have highlighted above, STI Garage Door is here to help you with emergencies. Our emergency Clopay garage door repair team is accessible 24/7 and would be happy to help you in an unexpected situation. Most often, garage owners complain about their door being closed from the inside or about the troubles with the opener.

    Regardless of the problem you have suddenly faced with your garage door, feel free to reach out to us for instant help. Our team will consult you by phone and quickly send a dedicated specialist for further diagnostics.

    Why Choose STI Garage Door—Main Reasons

    STI Garage Door is here to help you with any issue with your garage doors. Below are the main reasons why our customers choose us.

    • Full-cycle garage door servicing. Our team supports you with garage door choice, installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. You are also welcome to apply for additional help.
    • A top team of experienced masters. We are proud to have responsible, savvy, and skilled specialists under our roof. Their practical experience allows them to solve any problem with a garage door in the most cost-effective way, allowing you to avoid additional trouble.
    • 24/7 help. You can also rely on our help in the case of an emergency. Our specialist will come to your home ASAP, 24/7.
    • Great coverage. We are servicing Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

    Contact us now for instant help!

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    Proven expertise

    Six years of experience in garage door and opener repair and replacement helps us identify your problem quickly and accurately and offer the best solution.

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    Our garage door service company consists of people who love their job and take any request seriously. You can trust us for your garage door repair and spend your precious time with your family or business.

    Reach us 24/7

    Do you have an urgent problem? No need to put it off. We understand how important a garage door is to your home. Submit a request for a garage door repair service on our website at any time, and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

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    The cost of the conversion work is negotiated at the very beginning. First, we diagnose the issue and discuss all options with you. After you approve the plan of action, we provide you with the total price. You won’t get any unpleasant surprises like additional costs.

    Complex solutions

    A garage door malfunction may have several causes. That’s why our garage door service and repair company makes a complete diagnostic of your particular problem, eliminates all of its sources, and makes recommendations on technical issues.
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    Karl J.
    2022-03-03 12:43:17
    Musha did a great job we loved his services Thank you Musha
    Kevin K.
    Kevin K.
    2021-11-16 13:42:02
    My name is Kevin, I live in clarksville, Maryland. My house old garage door replaced by STI Garage Door Company Their price and service very good and...
    Alyssa S.
    Alyssa S.
    2021-07-09 11:49:20
    Our garage door came completely off the track and was only supported by ladders we used to prop it up -- major garage door emergency! I called STI and they...
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    Jackson F.
    2020-12-05 18:51:25
    The rain was coming and the door would not close automatically, so I had to disconnect it. It was catching on the bracket that I had moved, bent, and...
    Jay K.
    Jay K.
    2020-11-04 12:28:22
    I highly recommend him. I had issue where garage door didn't close fully. He came on same day and fixed it immediately. I will hire him againZ
    Trey R.
    Trey R.
    2020-09-12 07:07:49
    We had STI (Sergey was there of course) come out and replace the garage door openers (complete system excluding the actual doors) at our new place. Same...
    Michelle R.
    Michelle R.
    2019-09-06 05:59:47
    Great service. Sergey was professional, and fixed our garage door very quickly. We called on a Thursday after 4pm, receptionist was easy to work with and...
    Michael B.
    Michael B.
    2018-10-02 14:53:21
    I was charged $150 for work that lasted less than 5 minutes. This was not an after hours emergency call, it was the middle of a weekday. I did not get a...
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    Trey R.
    2018-06-04 14:00:13
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