Garage Door Repair and Installation in Reston, VA

Stop searching for the best garage door repair in Reston, VA now that you have found STI Garage Door. At STI garage door, we don’t dabble in other types of projects. All we do is garage doors!

If you are in need of repair, service or parts, upgrades, or any type of installation for your garage we can handle the job. Homeowners often see tremendous value in upgrading their garage parts, like their door, and we have the components and experience to make that process simple and pain-free.

Increase your everyday convenience and increase the value of your home by updating the parts and components of your garage. Our responsive customer service staff can show you all of the many ways we can improve your life with new and updated parts and systems for your garage.

If you tend to store quite a few valuable items in your garage, either adding to or upgrading the insulation in your garage is a great idea. A well-insulated garage can efficiently regulate the climate in your garage to protect those valuable assets.

Even something as simple as a tune-up of all of the parts and components of your garage is something that STI Garage Door excels at. In addition, our technicians are well-equipped to handle any repairs and service to your garage including:

  • Bent or failing tracks
  • Torsion springs that are not quite doing the job
  • Inspection and repair of all your vital cables
  • Assuring proper operation and safety of all brackets
  • Keeping your automatic garage door motor humming along perfectly
  • Inspection and possible repair of all mounts for the motor
  • Troubleshooting issues with electric garage door opener clickers and remotes
  • Troubleshooting issues with other electronics like keypads
  • Inspecting and either repairing or replacing door panels

Garage door opener installation in Reston, VA is an important job you want to be done correctly the first time. We have performed this service time and again so we are ready to do it correctly for you.

Make the call to our staff now to hear about reasonable rates and exceptional service and you will soon see why we rate very highly with our loyal customers.

Emergency Repair

While you may think that a break down of your garage door is inevitable over time, it is still a huge inconvenience. We are available to you 24/7 to be at your location to repair a door that is not working.

The well-trained customer service team at STI Garage Door can schedule to have your door repaired immediately. Whether the problem is an opener that is not working, a door that is stuck, a garage door that is damaged or any other issue, our emergency garage door service in Reston, VA crew is well-equipped to resolve the issue immediately.


You want garage door installation in Reston, VA that is quick and hassle-free. That is why we offer hundreds of doors for your commercial or residential location in stock. If you maybe want to try something different we can even walk you through a custom door order.

Whether you are looking for an elegant door at your home or a secure roll-up door for your company, our professional technicians will get you the door you want on your time and on your budget.

Opener Services

An automatic garage door opener is a fantastic convenience home and business owners. If your automatic opener has stopped working, our garage door maintenance service in Reston, VA Is here to help.

With our years of experience with garage door opener service in Reston, VA, STI Garage Door can troubleshoot and diagnose any problem with an automatic garage door opener and get it working quickly for you.

Garage door opener repair and replacement does not have to be a chore. Let STI Garage Door show you how we can solve problems with this complex and intricate system quickly and efficiently.

Insulation and Maintenance

If you are trying to maintain an energy-efficient home or business, one area that is often overlooked for waste is the garage. Increase energy efficiency throughout your space by installing the exact insulation needed for your garage space.

Our technicians will check your current garage space and door and then provide the best insulation options for you. At STI Garage Door we carry all types of both commercial and residential garage door insulation and we have the experience in this area to get the job done right.