Garage Door Repair and Installation in Olney, MD

Trying to find top-notch garage door repair in Olney, MD can be quite difficult. At STI Garage Door we have experience in all facets and parts of your garage and its systems. Whether you’re looking to repair or service your garage, upgrade your garage’s components and parts, or looking to install new hardware, we are your one-stop-shop.

Let us show you how much we can improve the functionality of your garage when we upgrade and improve the components and systems of your garage space. Give our knowledgeable customer service team a call and they can get you started on the road to your perfect garage.

One of the most common services we perform is a simple tune-up of your garage and all of its many parts. When we perform the service, we are making sure that everything is in proper working order and if not, we are well-equipped to handle any issue including:

  • Tracks that may be bent or damaged
  • Torsion springs that do not hold the correct amount of tension
  • Cables that have become frayed and worn
  • Mounting brackets that are bent or are separating from their supports
  • Inspecting and checking the operation of your automatic garage door system for problems
  • Carefully inspecting your automatic garage door motor to make sure it is operating freely and correctly
  • Making sure all remotes work properly and are properly programmed
  • Inspecting all electronic items like keypads
  • Doing a thorough inspection of door panels to assess their structural integrity

If you have made the decision to look into garage door opener installation in Olney, MD, we are here to help. An automatic garage door opener provides a tremendous amount of convenience and safety and the proper installation of this system is vital for continued worry-free use. Give a call now to our customer service to learn about our reasonable rates and our service that is second to none!

Emergency Repair

When something as important and vital as your garage door breaks, you want to get it working again as soon as possible. That’s why we are always here to help, 24/7.

When you are need of garage door repair, you want to deal with somebody that can get you answers right away. We are very proud of our customer service team that is here to help you right now to get your repair started right away.

Our entire staff is well-equipped to provide emergency garage door service in Olney, MD for things like a door that does not open, a door that is damaged, or an automatic garage door opener that is not working properly.


A big decision for any home or business owner is to install a new garage door. If you have made this important choice and are now looking for garage door installation in Olney, MD, trust the experts at STI Garage Door.

With a full line of doors for either your commercial or residential location, we are ready to meet any garage door installation needs. We can even provide all of the unique features a custom door order can provide for any garage owner.

We carry a full line of swing and roll-up doors in stock and our professional technicians will get your new door installed quickly and correctly.

Opener Services

Our signature garage door maintenance service in Olney, MD includes a full line of automatic garage door opener service and repair offerings. With years of experience with garage door opener service in Olney, MD, customers come back time and again to avail themselves of our services.

Garage door opener repair and replacement can be stressful, but at STI Garage Door our staff can you quickly have your automatic garage door opener system working again in no time.

Insulation and Maintenance

Home and business owners love a comfortable environment inside their space. So why not take the same care when it comes to your garage space quality insulation products from STI Garage Door.

Our expert technicians can quickly check and assess your current garage and then provide you with options for the best types of both commercial and residential garage door insulation to properly insulate your garage space.