Garage Door Repair and Installation in Ellicott City, MD

Do you have a garage door that squeals and grinds when you open or close it? It doesn’t sit level or has been dented too many times? The garage door opener groans and shakes or slips? If you need a garage door repair or replacement in Ellicott City, Maryland give us a call! Our professionals check out your garage door entry system to see what needs to be done, including:

  • Observe the mechanical system as the door opens and closes
  • Assess the door panels for crimps, dents, and damage
  • Check the door seals and if it is level
  • Inspect the tracks and rails for breaks, gaps, obstructions, twists, and pinches
  • Make sure all fittings, brackets, and connections are secure and tightly fastened
  • Scan springs, cables, pulleys, guides, wheels, and gears for wear, movement, and alignment
  • Assess the tension on torsion springs and bars
  • Operate the opening system to identify wear and issues of concern
  • Test all electronic and wireless components including sensors, keypads, and remotes

After a thorough inspection, our pros will provide you with a free, no obligation, on-site estimate for approval. With your agreement, they’ll fix what can be fixed and replace worn or damaged parts, so everything works as it should. 

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Ellicott City, MD

Emergency Repair

Garage doors provide access, protection, and security of your products or belongings, and openers add a convenient and easy way to operate that entry. So whenever one of those two systems crash or fail, call on STI for emergency garage door service in Ellicott City, Maryland. We’ll efficiently get your residential or commercial garage door opening and closing the way it should. We offer emergency service 24/7, including holidays and weekends!


If you need a new garage door, or to replace an old or damaged one, reach us for garage door installation in Ellicott City. We carry, install, maintain, and service all types of commercial and residential garage doors and opener systems.

Whether you need a roll-up or sliding door, or one that pivots up, in, or out, we carry them all. We have standard, semi-custom, and custom garage doors for all your commercial or residential needs. If you require full glass panels to bring in light and views, insulated doors for temperature control, or impact doors for added security, give us a call! We carry and install them all!

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Ellicott City, MD

Opener Services

Garage doors operate easier with a garage door opener, so if it breaks or fails, don’t hesitate to reach us! We provide commercial and residential garage door opener service in Ellicott City. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced and will service and repair your mechanical and electronic openers.

Also, if you need a new garage door opener installation in Ellicott City, contact our experts. We carry, install, and maintain all types of systems. For customer convenience, we offer individual or multi-user keypads, sensor, and remotes. We also have rolling code systems that change with every use for added security. If you’re concerned about power outages, check out our battery backup devices!

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Ellicott City, MD

Insulation and Maintenance

Tired of your vehicle or workshop feeling like an oven or a freezer? We carry and install commercial and residential garage door insulation kits and blankets to more easily control and maintain inside temperatures. They’ll even help you save on heating and cooling costs. Plus, better protect merchandise, equipment, and vehicles from temperature extremes. Insulated doors help with temperature control, reduce energy costs, and decrease noise penetration. We offer garage door maintenance service in Ellicott City too. Give us a call for all your garage door and opener needs!