Garage Door Repair and Installation in Vienna, VA

STI Garage Door provides residential and commercial sales, installation, repair, and maintenance service in Vienna. Whether brand-new or existing, we service and maintain all makes and models of doors and openers. Our well-equipped team will efficiently repair or tune-up your garage doors. 

We’ll carry out a full inspection of your garage door system, including:

  • Visually inspect of all door panels for damage
  • Make sure the door opens and closes as it should
  • Confirm the door seals properly and is level
  • Inspect the tracks for gaps, cracks, breaks and twists, and adequate supports
  • Check brackets are fastened securely and aligned correctly
  • Make sure all cables, springs and pulleys are fastened and functioning properly
  • Test torsion bar and spring for proper tension
  • Observe the electric opener to ensure it is operating as it should
  • Confirm remotes, sensors, keypads and other wireless components function

Our professionals have the experience to repair and maintain everything related to keeping your garage doors operating as they should, so you don’t have to stand in the rain. If you need a new opener or a high-tech system for multiple users, check out our great selection. Contact us for the best garage door opener installations in Vienna.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Vienna, VA

Emergency Repair

For expert emergency garage door service in Vienna, we’ve got you covered 24/7, including weekends and holidays! Our professionals will adjust and fix torsion bars, tracks, springs, and things to minimize your downtime. We have the parts to service and repair your door, so it works as it should. All you have to do is call!


Are you looking for a dependable garage door? We carry a wide selection of standard, and semi or fully customizable doors for residential and commercial customers. Whether overhead, sliding or swing-out, a new installation or existing, we have what you need. 

Contact us for quality products and reliable garage door installation in Vienna. We have a creative team that will help you select the design of the door for your home or business. Our highly skilled and trained professionals will then install it for you. We do the job right the first time and guarantee all our products and workmanship.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Vienna, VA

Opener Service

Garage door openers are both a convenience and a security measure that protects you and your home or business. If it’s not working properly and you need a garage door opener repair, call let us know! We not only supply and install garage doors, we also provide garage door opener repair and installation in Vienna. 

Motors can wear out or fail if there is a problem with garage door tracking or movement. We offer reasonable rates to repair your opener or replace it with a new one. We carry and service a variety of garage door openers and wireless operating systems from a keypad, multi-user electronic panel, remote or sensor system, and even rolling codes for security. We offer battery backup for power disruptions too. You can even operate and monitor your garage door from your cell phone or wireless device!


Garage doors not only provide security and privacy, they also keep the weather out. However, temperature extremes can make your garage an oven or a freezer. To help control temperature extremes and reduce energy bills, we will insulate your garage doors with quality seals and weather-stripping.