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Double Garage Door vs Two Single Doors: Comparison and What is Better For You


Whether you want to upgrade the look of your facade or garage, add more functionality to the space, or fully renovate it, there are plenty of decisions to make. First and foremost, you have to reach a decision over the type of doors. In this article, you will find information regarding a double garage door vs 2 single garage doors, and hopefully will be able to settle down.

Pros and Cons of a Double Garage Door

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In simple words, a double garage door has two doors in one. The perfect size of a double door is around 18 feet wide, which is supposed to be enough for parking two cars. A double garage door is a real solution for families whose children require a car seat in the vehicle, or for the elderly who have troubles with mobility. With plenty of room, one can place the car seat in the car easily, and get in or out of the vehicle freely.  Hence, all this extra space a double garage door provides will be beneficial. Overall, this option feels more spacious. Note that a double garage door is inexpensive because it is installed with just one garage door opener system.

Pros of a Double Garage Door

  • Space

As mentioned earlier, double garages are usually chosen for the space. For instance, those who drive large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks often have difficulties maneuvering in a single garage door. A double garage door gives capacity for loading, cleaning, and repairing a car as well as moving around a vehicle.

  • Price

Along with comfort and accessibility comes the low cost of installing a garage door. Many want to find something affordable yet functional, and that is exactly what you need. On average, the cost of a double garage door is $2,375. However, it may vary from $750 to $4,000, depending on materials used (steel, aluminum, glass, or wood), door size (12-16 ft wide), and overall style (simplistic or luxurious).

Bear in mind that many additional features can impact the price of installation. Those are labor, materials, the style of garage doors, and type of the garage door openers.

  • Maintenance

With only one door, the process of maintenance is easy and cost-effective. One will need fewer parts, like springs, cables, and garage door openers for repair.

Cons of Double Garage Door

  • Malfunctions

As opposed to many advantages, a double garage door can have some malfunctions in unfortunate events. A malfunction will limit the use of a whole garage until it gets repaired. Usually, issues are caused by a torsion spring breaking.

  • Heating and temperature

The double garage door size is huge, and it operates solely with one door, meaning, a double garage door lets in more cold air during winter. As a result, the heating bill can hit a high sum.

Pros and Cons of Two Single Garage Doors

Another perfect option for a home, which is considered to be appealing by some, is two single garage doors. When someone wants to have more personal space in the garage, they should definitely opt for this kind of garage door.

Pros of Two Single Garage Doors

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is a major advantage of two single garage doors. With separate tracks and operators which single doors use, you will be able to get access to any car when one of the doors breaks down. Even with some malfunctions, it is unlikely that two doors will break simultaneously.

  • Heating and temperature

It is a no-brainer that two single garage doors will be more heat resistant and will keep out cold air in winter and decrease humidity in warmer temperatures. Fact: you will not struggle with sky-high heating and AC bills.

Cons of Two Single Garage Doors

  • Maintenance and malfunctions

Maintenance work depends majorly on the type of door and the necessary work to be done (lubricating mechanical parts, tightening screws, and cleaning a weather seal and panels). However, two single garage doors require maintenance of two doors, their tracks, and door operators. If you want more detailed information, get in touch with your local garage door replacement service.

  • Price

With extra maintenance, the cost of two single doors will definitely rise. Price is the real difference between one double and two single garage doors. The latter starts from $1,100 to $4,700 for the door itself, and the average installation price is $2,900. Two single garage doors are costly due to additional accessories required for installation.

Comparison Table: Double Garage Door vs Two Single Doors

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Double garage doors and two single-door garages alike are appealing to buyers. But each style of door has various benefits. Below, we present a comparison table, so you can see the main differences.

Double Garage Door Two Single Garage Doors
Space and flexibility Provides complete flexibility and plenty of extra space for unconventionally sized cars, as well as for people with different needs. Gives privacy and personal space. Easy to access in case one of the doors breaks down.
Heating and temperature The huge size of the door lets in a heavy cold and results in high heating costs. Provides heat and humidity resistance.
Maintenance High cost-efficiency. Requires more maintenance.
Malfunctions Fully limited use when torsion spring breaks. Requires twice as many materials.
Price $750 – $4,000 $1,100 – $4,700

What to Choose:Two Single Doors or a Double Garage Door?

The answer to this question obviously depends on the particular case. You must check the boxes of functionality and your individual needs. We recommend you consider all your demands and desires before choosing between one double garage door and two single doors.

Garage and vehicle size

Many wonder how to select the optimal garage door size for personal requirements. When you buy a house with a built-in garage, you are limited in size and space. Regardless of the type of garage you own, if it is a two-car garage, then you will need a 15 or 16 feet garage door. If you have a bigger garage built for more grand vehicles, opt for a double garage door, as it is airy and spacious.


If your weather conditions are windy, humid, and cold, then a two-single garage door will be a perfect fit for you. It will not allow warm air to escape whenever a door opens.


The utility of doors is something that puts 2 single doors vs 1 double garage door. Know that two garage doors can definitely operate independently. As practice shows, doors can break down or wear out by eventually blocking access to the garage. Having one spare door is a way out of such a situation.


When choosing two single garage doors or one double garage door, many concerns over durability arise. Two single garage doors provide fewer opening cycles per year. The number of cycles measures the longevity of doors and the mechanical spring. Usually the duration consists of 10,000 cycles. Note that the number of opening cycles increases with a double door because you will need to lift and lower the same exact door every time you need to get to any part of the garage. With two single doors you can minimize the risk by using them in turns.


Another aspect when juxtaposing two single garage doors vs double is insulation. It depends more on your climate and preferences. Generally speaking, in a cold climate, two single doors provide better insulation. But if you insulate double doors with a high R-value (an ability to slow the heat transfer), you will get a great thermal barrier, no drafts, and low heating bill. In short, make your pick according to your preferences.

Is It Possible to Convert a Double Door Garage Into Two Single Doors or Vice Versa?

Convert Two Single Doors Into a Double Door Garage

Converting one garage door into another is tricky and requires many considerations. If you want to convert a double garage door, ensure it is at least 22 feet wide. Such a size will give you enough space to place your vehicle. The process may only look time-consuming. But the design of a converted garage can be technically challenging.

First and foremost, experts will inspect your garage to see whether the job is feasible. In a favorable situation, your garage opening will be updated. Then, single doors and the central pillar are removed in order to make some space for a new entry. Next, the opening structure will be reinforced with steel or timber supports to hold the brickwork above. Then, all central piers will finally be removed to create a spacious entrance. After those steps, they will install a torsion spring, strong openers, and 12 inch header clearance to support one heavy double door. As a rule, it takes a few days to complete the process.

Convert a Double-Door Garage Into Two Single Doors

Everybody who wants to compare a double garage door with two single doors should consider the possibility of conversion as well. No surprise that the transformation of two single garage doors into a double one is a pricey idea for families and businesses. However, it is worth it. Doing that, you will have the best of both worlds — traditional exterior and independence, as well as space and flexibility.

The conversion starts with removing a garage door, then removing one or both side pillars to make the entrance wider and more accessible for bigger vehicles. Then, RSJ steels (known as I-beams), timber supports, and Catnic lintels are installed to support brickwork and the roof. After, professionals put in new individual garage openers, two springs to share the load of doors, and sectional doors to swap them with a former solid one. Additionally, garage fitter services remove rubbish from the site and finish off brickwork and UPVC work (garage door spray).

Consider STI Garage Door Your Trusted Partner

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Garage doors may seem only like some necessary tool, yet they are a major part of your property. Functionality, use, looks, and many other details of garage doors can change many things and even ease your life. We reviewed the pros and cons of two single garage doors vs a double door, so you will know which option suits you better. Still, in case of any uncertainties, you can always contact our team for a garage door installation service.

Here at STI Garage Door, we are ready to help 24/7. Our team is always in touch with our clients and attentive to their needs. On top of everything, we have been in business for six years, so we have the required expertise to offer only a 5-star service.

Operating in the garage door industry for over 25 years, STI Garage Door is dedicated to quality service and excellence in everything.

The company is a proud partner to the top brands in the field — LiftMaster for commercial door openers and Amarr and Clopay for residential and commercial doors.

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Can one garage door opener open two doors?

This is possible with the help of a “tandem door opener,” which opens and closes two doors simultaneously. But it is not a safe option for sure. Many modern garage door openers use rolling codes. Try them instead.

What door should I choose, a double garage door vs two single doors?

Make a chart about the features of your current location. Those can be climate, number and size of cars, current and future needs, and garage state. Answers along with our detailed guide will help to make the right choice.

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