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Looking for a Dupont garage door repair company? STI Garage Door offers quality service any time of the day or night. For a reasonable price, you will receive a quick repair and a guarantee on the work performed. We can also help you install your garage door system or provide immediate assistance and advice on the spot in case of any breaks.


Our garage door service in Dupont, WA offers prompt solutions to all your door-related problems. We provide both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs  in case of an unexpected breakdown. Our experienced specialists can perform the following types of work:

  • Installation of doors and related mechanisms.
  • Commercial or private garage door repair.
  • Removing dents and chips.
  • Replacement and repair of springs.
  • Elimination of noise when the door operates.
  • Replacement garage door sections.
  • Insulation and maintenance.
  • Replacement of cables and electrical components.

Basically, if you have any garage door issues we can solve it for you quickly and effectively.


By contacting our Dupont garage door service, you get the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Assistance: Regardless of what time of day the breakdown occurs, you will always receive qualified assistance. Our specialists are always ready to come to the site and start fixing the problem.
  • High Qualification: All the specialists we employ have the necessary certification and extensive practical experience. There is no issue that our technicians cannot handle, whether it’s garage door installation and maintenance or garage door spring repair in Dupont, Washington, D.C. Contact us and receive only the highest quality services.
  • Speed: We understand that your time is a precious resource, so we have adjusted the process so that it happens as quickly as possible. Immediately after your call, an expert goes to your site to assess the scope of work or handle it right away.
  • Versatility: We offer a full range of services, from garage door installation to replacement of failed parts and maintenance. Contact our specialists, and never think about the annoying breaks again.


If you require garage door repair in Dupont Circle Washington D.C, STI Garage Door can fix any malfunction. Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot electrical and mechanical components, replace springs and broken sections, and repair dents. Literally any breakdown can be handled by our expert engineers, who quickly go to your site and assess upcoming repairs. The process is optimized so that it always runs smoothly. Even if you have an unexpected breakdown during the night hours and cannot get into the garage, you won’t have to wait long until help arrives.


Our specialists do not only provide emergency garage door repair in Dupont, but can also install one from scratch. Whether you are a commercial organization with its own vehicle fleet or just own a garage for two cars, we will find the perfect garage door just for you. After we agree on the type of door you want, our technicians will quickly and efficiently carry out the installation, ensuring the whole process is trouble-free for you.


If you’ve had a garage door for some time, you probably know that the opener is its weakest component that needs regular maintenance and repair. So, when people ask for a garage door repair in Dupont, Washington D.C, it probably has something to do with this piece of machinery. Our technicians will help eliminate minor breakdowns and malfunctions, like extraneous noise when automatic doors operate. If the simple fix doesn’t help, we will replace the opener completely, ensure that it functions optimally, and advise you on regular maintenance to help prolong the lifespan of your door. The same goes for springs, cables, or any other moving part of your garage.


To ensure indoor comfort, you may need to insulate your garage door, which can be difficult for a beginner to do efficiently and, most importantly, safely. It is just as dangerous to carry out regular maintenance and lubricate all the moving parts, yet it is crucial to ensure your door will operate smoothly. Lucky for you, we know how to provide optimal insulation and can help you maintain the full functionality of your garage door. Call an experienced specialist who will quickly perform all the necessary work. This way, you will get a warm garage without the risk of damaging the door.


Unfortunately, malfunctions won’t wait  for a convenient time to come up. Usually, it’s quite the opposite. Maybe you just got from work in the evening, and your garage door won’t open, or you need to leave your home, and it just won’t close. Our technicians have extensive experience installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors, so we can easily assess your problem and come up with a quick solution even on the phone. If it isn’t possible, our qualified expert in Dupont will arrive at your site shortly to troubleshoot any issue you have so you can go on with your day.


STI Garage Door is your best choice when it comes to garage doors. Fast and customer-oriented service, experienced specialists who can cope with even the most complex tasks, and extensive experience in installation, maintenance, and repair are just some of our company’s advantages. With us, you can be sure that the door will last a long time and won’t give you any unpleasant surprises. And the best thing is that we work around the clock and can resolve your issues 24/7. Contact us today, and let us handle your garage door with care!

Spring Replacement
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Opener Repair
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New Garage Door
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New Garage Door Opener
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Senior and Military
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Tune-Up Special
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