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Is the First Impression Important for Your Home? 7 Tips for Updating Your Home Exterior


First, what is curb appeal? You get this feeling when you walk by a gorgeous house with exquisite decorations, fresh paint, modern windows, and a welcoming green lawn with colorful flowers. You look at it, and you know: it is a dream house! Obviously, it’s only the first impression. However, when a potential home buyer steps into the house to check the interior, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The study suggests that curb appeal will save you a ton of money on the initial investment in the updating exterior of the home — with a range from $100 to $1,000. Only think of this: lawn care service alone can get you a 352% ROI.

People do judge the book by its cover; it’s just how people are wired. Investing in an appealing exterior design will drastically cut your waiting time to make the sale. Even if your house is spacious and beautiful on the inside, no one will know until you freshen up the outside. So, let’s tackle the question of how to update the exterior of the home in this article and learn the best and most affordable ways of mastering the curb appeal.


Make It Green

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Maintaining a clean and green lawn is probably the most critical step in boosting curb appeal. Water your lawn, fertilize it, and plant some bright and colorful flowers to create a welcoming atmosphere. In case your garden space is limited, use planters or window boxes to grow flowers. A nice and diverse flower arrangement is a cost-saving and easy way to update the home exterior.

However, lawns and gardens require constant time investments: once in a while, pull weeds, remove dry leaves, mow and water the lawn. Once you get the hang of it, taking care of your garden will not be a big problem.

Renew the Front Door & Porch

Although Zillow’s study has shown that people prefer brown or gray tones, the front door’s color can be as bright and eye-catching as you wish. Zillow suggests you go with navy blue. You can choose something brighter to accentuate the decorations around the door. Complement your bold door color with some flower planters on your porch. Finish up your renovations with rocking chairs, a nice outside dining table, and a cozy seating area.

Add Some Light

Even though most house showings happen during the day, make sure to provide modern and soft lighting for your entryway.

First, illuminate the front door to shift a focal point to the entrance and to make your house more secure, especially when you open the door at night to strangers. Secondly, provide a clear, illuminated path from the pavement to the front door, so that people could find their way in the dark. As a tool to ensure the pathway to the entrance, highlight trees and planters by inserting up-lighters at the plants’ base.

Finally, add some lighting to your garage to walk freely from it to your house late at night. Flattering lighting is a great investment to update the exterior of the home as it’s a low-cost and secure solution to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Updating Home Exterior by Remodeling the Garage

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The garage is a huge part of curb appeal and one of the most prominent ways to update your home exterior. You can boost your market value by renovating your garage and making it safer and nicer.

To start with, consider replacing the garage door in case your old one is rusty and unappealing. You can purchase a gorgeous wood door that will cost you some and require continuous maintenance. Alternatively, you can go for a steel garage door with wood-grain patterns, which will be cheaper and easier to handle. Another idea is to invest in a fiberglass door that will be super light and affordable. Don’t neglect using services for the door installation: you will spend a couple of bucks more, but it will be worth it. Installing a garage door by yourself will take you a long time and might be quite dangerous.

Secondly, do not understate the importance of good insulation, particularly in colder regions. Solid insulation will save you a substantial amount of money on electricity bills.

So, the garage door insulation service is the complex way out when you want to improve the condition of your garage.

Finally, consider repairing floors and repainting the walls to match your house’s interior and ensure the harmonic design.


Update Home Exterior Details

Research some new hardware options and replace old door handles, doorbells, and knockers with fresh modern ones. Try to find something to stand in contrast with your door, such as white on black or yellow on blue. Additionally, invest in a new mailbox to complement the overall design and become an excellent accentuation for your exterior. A new stylish house number will also make a huge difference in your curb appeal magic. You can play with various fonts, designs, and colors to perfectly match your house’s architecture.

Finally, perform the ambitious home exterior paint update by freshening up the color of your house. If you have some extra money in your budget, consider hiring a specialist; otherwise, you can totally do it yourself.

Build a Welcoming Path

A gorgeous pathway made of brick or stone will make a drastic improvement on the overall impression and make guests and potential buyers feel welcomed. Mix it up with colorful plants and a great lighting system to create an inviting entryway.

Take Care of the Roof and the House

Your final step would be cleaning your roof to make it look younger as it actually is. Of course, if it’s leaking and not fulfilling its main functions, do replace it; otherwise, simply clean and repaint it.


Who Can Help Me with Updating My Home Exterior?

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If you decided to sell your house, you have much work ahead of you. But don’t worry and get in touch with professionals to help you with some heavy work, like installing a garage door. STIGarageDoor is a perfect company to assist you in the garage remodeling. We will provide an individual service to meet your requirements and wallet and help with home exterior updating at every step. Contact the STIGarageDoor team to get the first consultation.

Operating in the garage door industry for over 25 years, STI Garage Door is dedicated to quality service and excellence in everything.

The company is a proud partner to the top brands in the field — LiftMaster for commercial door openers and Amarr and Clopay for residential and commercial doors.

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