Should You Choose a Cheap Garage Door?

The garage doors market today is laced with many low-cost garage doors. While this may seem worth it, there is more than what meets the eye. Low-price garage doors offer poor insulation, sub-standard controls and no safety measures.

Buying a cheap garage door may seem tempting but it is a waste of money as these doors have very short durability. In a bid to save that extra buck, many houses often end up making the wrong choice in garage doors. In the long run, you end up spending more on repairs & replacements than the average cost of garage doors.

A cheap garage door will leave a big crack in your savings at the end of it. If you do your research, you will realise that spending that little extra on buying a good garage door that will last you about 30 years is a better deal in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why cheap overhead garage doors are a bad choice.


A cheap garage door won’t allow you to use your garage for long due to the lack of heating and insulation facilities therein. More so, in the winter months, your garage will hardly be habitable. On the contrary, you may end up spending extra on energy to warm the place. You would rather spend on a good-quality garage door that insulates the area, so you use it all through the year.


Cheap garage doors do not come with noise insulation. You will have to shell out that extra $800-$1,300 on insulating your door and blocking out external noise. Also, substandard materials can get rusted and noisy. You will dread opening your garage for the fear of neighbours complaining about the loud blaring noise.


A garage door is meant to protect your garage facility and allow you safe usage of its controls. Installing a cheap garage door is making room for trouble. Cheap garage door panels can slip out of position without warning, causing danger your loved ones. It could also damage surrounding property with faulty hardware and dented nuts and bolts.

More Than a Simple Garage

Garages today are being used for more than just parking cars. They are investments that earn a lucrative return for homeowners. Many homeowners rent out their garages as neighborhood gyms, a mancave for teenagers or weekend tuckshops.
That way, investments made in garages can be offset by earning from them. But, this is only possible if these garages offer a private, warm and well-designed environment. Only then will they find it worth the money. Surely the harsh, cold and noisy set-up of a cheap garage door wont to fetch any rentals.

Find the Right Door

While we all look to save money, it certainly shouldn’t be at the cost of your safety and having a garage that’s so cold you can hardly spend a few minutes in it. You can get good garage doors cheap and reasonable by engaging with the right provider.

STI Garage Door offers garage doors that keep up quality, safety and efficiency for decades to come. Our maintenance and repair services ensure prompt fixes to problems that may arise with your garage door. We offer complete garage door solutions that will relieve you of any garage door hassles for good!