Should You Get Wooden Garage Doors For Your Home?

Garage doors are a long-term investment with a lot of deliberation and thought to go into choosing the right material, style, and design. When it comes to selecting a material for a garage door, the most common options are steel, aluminium, and wood.

Wooden garage doors are indeed tempting and certainly more appealing in terms of finish and style compared to other options. In fact, many homeowners with the desire to have wooden doors with budget constraints opt for metal garage doors that look like wood.

Whether or not you should be choosing a wooden garage door for your home depends on a host of factors including willingness to maintain, nature of your garage door space, weather conditions and of course cost.
Wooden doors are usually double-sided opening doors. In some situations, a single overhead door design is also an option. Having said that, wooden doors themselves come in a variety of styles, opener options and finishes that form a league of its own.

Pros of Getting Wood Garage Doors For Your Home

Unparalleled Style & Elegance

There is no denying that no material or surface can match the look that wood offers. While wood comes at a higher cost, the fact that wooden garage doors are always in demand shows its timeless appeal and preference over other materials.

Higher Resale Value

Wooden doors have a high resale value due to their elegant and classy look. Should you wish to sell your entire house, wooden floorings, furniture and old wooden garage doors are bound to fetch you a lot more than artefacts made of any other material.

Natural Material

Wood is a naturally sourced material. So you can be assured that if you build wooden garage doors you are not harming the environment in any way as wooden doors are eco-friendly options.

Easily Refurbished

As solid wood garage doors are usually made of panels, it is a lot easier to update and redesign these doors panel by panel. For example, if you need a window in your garage, you only need to change one part of a single panel. This is usually not possible with steel or aluminium doors.

Also, if you are looking for a cheap facelift for your garage door, refinishing wooden garage doors is a lot easier. You can change the entire look simply with a freshly painted coat of color. Wood grain garage doors with a high-texture grain embossed are also very fashionable. Many designers are also experimenting with Stained wooden doors.

Cons of Wooden Garage Doors

They’re Heavy

Wooden garage doors usually have a higher weight than other garage doors. This means a higher investment on door opener for wooden door garage to handle the weight of these doors. During installation, they will have to be hinged very strongly to prevent slippages and accidents.

Insulation Required

Wood is usually a poor conductor of heat. However, from the perspective of a garage door, different types of wood have different insulation capabilities. Regardless of whether you choose plywood, oak or any type of wood for your garage door, you will have to spend additionally on insulating wooden garage doors.

Custom Designing Takes Time

If your garage is structured in a way that requires you to customize your garage door, you will have to get all parts designed from scratch. Wood, unlike light-weight aluminium doors, will require longer designing period, especially if you are looking to go for the conventional carriage-style doors. The folding panels will have to be made measured to fit your garage door space.

Maintenance Cost is High

Regularly repairing wooden garage doors is a commitment you will have if you choose a wooden garage door. Many homeowners in temperate or wet climate regions need to bottom-seal their wooden doors to prevent water absorption from stagnant rainwater. In cold regions, weather stripping wooden doors to protect them from snow also becomes necessary. From re-applying coats of finish often to regularly cleaning off dust, grass and debris from the floor, residential wooden garage doors are certainly high on maintenance.

How Much Do Wooden Garage Doors Cost

The foremost consideration for most homeowners when deciding garage door materials is, “How much do wooden garage doors cost?” There is no denying that the pricing of new wooden garage doors is higher than for garage doors made of other materials. But the elegance, designs and timelessness of wooden garage doors are worth the spend for many homeowners.

If you are looking to set up a wooden door made of real hardwood, it is going to cost about $2,500-$3,000 aside from installation and other hardware related to it. For a price-sensitive situations, faux wood garage doors are a great option to have that coveted garage door and have it on a budget. These cheap wooden garage doors are made of PVC or composite wood material and come as ready panels.

Hence, it is likely that they do not have to be custom-made, saving on design and construction costs. Talk to a garage door service provider on how the faux wood garage door can bring down the pricing for wooden garage doors at reasonable costs.

Drawing the Line

Choosing a wood look garage doors essentially boils down to the preferences of the buyer. Notwithstanding the initial cost, if regular maintenance is not something that one can commit to, it’s better to surpass wooden garage doors and opt for wood inside the walls of your home. If regular tune-ups and maintenance are something you are willing to bear to achieve an elegant and classy look, then there’s no better way than choosing a wooden garage door!
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