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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Replace a Garage Door Section


Yearly, garage doors frequently endure significant wear and tear when under constant use and harsh weather conditions. Garage door damages are unpredictable and can happen due to many circumstances. In case of damage, assess the situation yourself or seek professional help.

In the case of sectional garage doors, you don’t always need to replace the whole door when there is slight damage to the structure. Sometimes, it is enough to fix or replace just one damaged section, saving you a lot of money. Keep reading our detailed guide on how to repair garage door sections without a hassle.

Reasons to Replace Garage Door Sections

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Do not be stingy with money. There are cases when replacing  a garage door section at once is more cost-effective than waiting for additional problems to appear. There are a few reasons to replace the section of a garage door:

Common Wear and Tear

The sections will inevitably experience wear and tear over time since they are located outside. Wear and tear accounts for more than half of the damage to garage door sections. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance to lessen the damage.


One of the first things people see when walking past your house or coming around for a visit is a garage door. The bent, rusty, or otherwise damaged sections can degrade the whole exterior look, not only of the garage but the entire house. In modern times, you can choose from various types of sections to find the exact match you require.

Single section

Consider replacing a single section if one of your garage door’s sections is broken to restore the door’s functioning and appearance. There is no need to replace the entire garage door when you can fix a garage door section.

Multiple sections

We advise you not to wait until the last moment when fixing garage door sections is still an option. The longer you wait, the more garage door parts are likely to be broken beyond repair. It is better to repair garage door sections than replace the whole door with a bunch of mechanical parts.

Leaky garage door

After years of use, garage doors can bend, buckle, and even sag. Consider garage door section replacement when you see a large gap when the door is closed.

Botched garage door

The modern replacement sections may be difficult to match with older garage door models. So, if one is no longer reliable or operates improperly, think about replacing the entire garage door instead of repairing only one section to avoid problems in the future.

Installing an energy-efficient garage door can enhance the functionality of your garage and possibly result in long-term financial savings.

What Causes the Damage to the Garage Door Section?

Section damage can happen in several places. The most common cause is a vehicle impact. Usually, it happens because of the lack of vision in the garage and around it or because of the improper working of the door. The first you can fix with additional lighting, and the second we will discuss in more detail in the following sections.

Broken springs and cables

The springs might become damaged when garage doors are opened and closed often. Since garage door springs are responsible for making the door light enough to move up and down, they keep all the strain. Older springs are more prone to breaking.

When raising and lowering a garage door, wire cables are also crucial. They might crack as a result of becoming brittle with time. It may still be possible to open and close the garage door when the cables break, but it will become very heavy and dangerous, leading to sudden door closing. Operating such doors is dangerous, and in time it results in damage to bottom garage door sections, so you will have to replace them.

Electric issues

Electrical problems are frequently encountered with electronic garage doors. A dead battery in your remote control is often to blame for a garage door that won’t open or close. Getting used to the automatic speed of opening and closing can play a mean joke on you, leading to hitting your garage door with the car once it malfunctions. The result, of course, will be a bent or broken garage section, but it can also result in health injuries.

If you don’t want to fix the section of a garage door, and its electronics, make sure everything is operating as it should. Check the batteries in your transmitter and the devices attached to the garage.

Maintenance disregard

Improper maintenance is one of the most frequent causes of garage door section damage. For instance, if the door is not frequently lubricated, it becomes less resistant to weather conditions, especially in a harsh environment, like cold temperatures or increased humidity.

Get on a regular maintenance routine for your garage doors since this is the greatest method to stop many of these causes of damage to the sections.

What Do You Need to Fix a Garage Door Section?

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For home remodeling and improvement projects, replacing your garage door offers one of the finest returns on investment.

You may wonder how to fix a garage door section. For that, you must understand several  aspects of your door to replace a single garage door section:

  • Section’s exact dimensions and measurements
  • Materials — fiberglass, steel, wood, or aluminum
  • Model
  • Precise color
  • Which part is damaged — the top, middle, or bottom garage door section

How to Replace a Garage Door Section: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Gather information

Search for all the necessary information concerning your garage door brand or model. This will help you understand the peculiarities of your model and get a clear picture of what you should expect.

Step 2: Close the door

Once you have gathered all the information, your first step is to close the door, and secure  it in such a position. Remember, it can be dangerous, so if you are unsure  how to do this safely, you better ask for professional help.

Step 3: Take a picture

Make sure to photograph the insides and the outsides of the garage door and the state of the section. The experienced technicians will be able to define the problem even by the picture.

Step 4: Measure the section

Make precise measurements of the garage section, such as width and height. Be very attentive during this process. Even the slightest difference can make it impossible to install a new section.

Step 5: Contact specialists

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you can contact the garage door repair and service. Contact us via phone or email, and we will provide all further details and give you an estimate for the work.

Do all previous steps seem complicated for you? Schedule an appointment with our technician. They will determine the whole plan of action and do all those steps for you.

How Much Does a Garage Door Section Replacement Cost?

To replace a garage door section, you will spend approximately $200 to $400. The price includes installation fees as well as the cost of the section. Essentially , this entails replacing a sizable portion of your existing garage door:

  1. A typical aluminum garage door will cost around $170. Aluminum garage doors are a popular choice because they are one of the least expensive materials to repair or replace.
  2. A basic fiberglass door will cost around $150.
  3. The most expensive choice is a wooden garage door, which can cost $190.
  4. Steel garage door repairs might cost $130. Modern garage doors made of steel are steadily gaining in popularity.

You’ll spend between $130 and $190 for the section and an additional $50 to $250 for work, depending on the complexity of the task (the number of sections you need to replace, their model, year, etc.)

The most cost-effective alternative to buying a new door is replacing a garage door section, provided this section has only minor structural damage.

Final Thoughts

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Over time, garage door sections may sustain damage and need to be replaced for various  reasons. Replacing a garage door section on schedule is an excellent strategy to keep the door from getting damaged and maintain its look.

Please contact us at STI Garage Door for further questions and details. We are happy to be at your service.

Operating in the garage door industry for over 25 years, STI Garage Door is dedicated to quality service and excellence in everything.

The company is a proud partner to the top brands in the field — LiftMaster for commercial door openers and Amarr and Clopay for residential and commercial doors.

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When do you need to replace a garage door section?

A garage door can typically last ten years before needing to be replaced by a professional. A section replacement is necessary when structural damage occurs to a garage door. For instance, it sometimes happens when a car is driven slowly into a door, or smaller moving things, such as lawnmowers, can also harm sections.

Can you replace just one section of a garage door?

Absolutely yes. You can replace a garage door section if it is damaged or broken. Contact us, and give the necessary information to our staff member, including the serial number of your door, its model, year, and details about sustained damage to expedite the repair process.

How to replace a garage door section?

Always start with the preparation step. Get the exact measurements of the door and the section or sections. Remember to measure the width and the height. For safety precautions, unplug the safety cord of the garage. Then collect the information regarding the garage door and the sections. You can find all the necessary information in our guide above. Get in touch with our technicians, so you won’t have to worry about fixing it.

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