Why you should consider changing your garage door?


If your garage door seems to be in somewhat good shape, why would you what to replace it?

If it ani`t broke, don’t fix it, right? A recent study, from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, present a couple of really good answer for the question, why did homeowners change their garage door?

Should we consider moving or go through renovation work?

It’s usually common to considering to sell and move from our current house  when we thinking about facing a big renovation work. Based on the NAR/NARI survey, 35% of U.S. homeowners will rather move to another location then remodel their current home. Between those how willing to continue to renovation, most often is it those in rural areas, 70%, of those who wants a remodel.

In the suburbs, we can see a decreases to 55%, the next place followed closely by urban homeowners at 52%.

Then why renovate?

When we look at the research and analyze the main reasons why homeowners decide to remodel their dwellings:

  • 35% claimed it has improve overall appearance by renovating older, worn-out surfaces, finishes and the general materials.
  • 16% of people said they wanted to add features as well as upgrading the livability in their home.
  • And 13% just said it was “time for a change”.

Another side of the research show the viewpoint if homeowners once the renovations were completed, and it showed:

  • 75%  were generally satisfied and had a greater desire to remain in their home.
  • 65% claimed they had increased enjoyment in there home.
  • over 55% reported they felt happy about the change.
  • And 39% addressed they were very satisfied seen the completed project.

Why were garage door changed?

  • 65% said that their garage door had gotten to be too old, worn out and worked poorly.
  • 12% indicated “it was time for a change!”
  • 50% reported they were looking for better functioning in their garage door and one more suitable to their lifestyle.

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