Common Garage Door Problems: The Complete Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide

Garage doors are an essential part of the so-called curb appeal, but more importantly, they serve an important function in your house. After several years of being used daily, they tend to develop issues and can even become a safety hazard for you and your family. This is why it is so important to monitor their condition and functionalities regularly. To conduct extensive troubleshooting, you will need to familiarize yourself with common garage door problems and how to tackle them. You will be able to solve some issues by yourself, but you will need to refer to professionals in the most complicated cases.

The Problems with Garage Door that You Might Have

Being daily opened and closed, after a while, garage doors can present a multitude of different problems. To avoid possible accidents, and enjoy a fully working garage, learn the most prevalent issues you may have with a garage door.

Your garage door is very noisy

To be fair, garage doors are loud; however, if the noise becomes unbearable or changes and sounds problematic, it is time for garage door troubleshooting.

Let’s look at the most common issues that can cause annoying noise:

  • A squeaking sound probably means that your rollers are not lubricated. You can easily fix it by applying silicone-based grease. In the worst case, your rollers are completely worn out and need to be replaced, which will require professional help.
  • A rumbling noise usually means that it is time to tighten the tension spring system in your garage door. Bear in mind that it is not an easy fix, so we recommend calling the experts for assistance.
  • A rattling clamor could be fixed by tightening the hardware with a wrench — bolts, screws, nuts. If you have general experience with tools, you can probably perform this task yourself; otherwise, call the professionals.

You have an issue with the door opener

A lot of the most popular garage door issues derive from a not fully functioning door opener. If that’s the case, good news — most of these occurrences are easy to fix.

  • Lubricate

If the door opener is not operating correctly, check the level of lubrication. If you see an issue there, apply a generous amount of silicone-based grease to reduce friction.

  • Remote

Having a remote control for your garage door is very convenient. But if it breaks down, it might cause another garage door problem. First, check the batteries, and if they are not working, replace them with new ones. Alternatively, get a digital system that can be installed on your smartphone, and you will never have to worry about batteries.

  • Check the motor unit

It might sound like a joke but start by making sure the door opener is plugged in and connected to electricity. Due to oversight, a lot of people don’t even consider this option. Additionally, a circuit or a fuse might burn out. You can also fix this issue autonomously by replacing the faulty elements. Finally, it is also possible that the motor has completely burned out and needs professional help to replace it.

Your door is not closing all the way

The most common explanation is the wrong setting of the close-limit switch. Its goal is to prevent accidents when closing the garage door and automatically stop the execution when sensing an object underneath. But sometimes, the close-limit switch needs some adjustment.

Besides that, the garage door malfunctions when something blocks the eyes at the bottom of the door. These eyes detect foreign objects on the way to the floor and trigger the mechanism to stop the action in case of finding something. Make sure that nothing is blocking the view.

Finally, the door not closing all the way can be a result of rusted or damaged rollers, which should be replaced by an expert.

Your springs are broken

Springs do all the heavy lifting, so when they break, your garage door will either perform slowly or stop functioning whatsoever. After you have checked the power and made sure transmitters are in place, call the professionals to replace the spring system since it is probably causing the malfunction.

Your door is stuck

Besides the reasons that we discussed before, this could be due to the chains going off the track or simply being not lubricated. Apply the aforementioned silicon-based grease to the chain to provide better friction.

Your door won’t open in the winter

This is a common issue in cold climates, though it is relatively easy to fix. Try to adjust the sensitivity of the motor — this should resolve the problem. If not, the cold weather might have damaged the rollers, and they need to be either lubricated or replaced.

Your door is off the hinges

Whether your door is starting to go off the hinges or has already fallen, it is probably due to the horizontal tracks’ misalignment. In case your door is still somewhat attached, gently close it and tighten the bolts that hold the bracket. Make sure both vertical and horizontal tracks have the same distance between them and are parallelly aligned. However, if your door has fallen to the floor, contact a technician.

Common Garage Door Problems: The Complete Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide

Detecting Garage Door Problems and Solutions by Yourself vs. Calling Professionals

In short, unless you are somewhat experienced with tools, call professional help in case of problems with garage doors. If you are not handy and do not have much knowledge about it, trust yourself to apply lubricants, and monitor the hardware’s general condition.

The do-it-yourself approach is faster, easier, and, most importantly, cheaper. If you are confident in your skills or the task is really simple, go ahead and perform it. However, garage doors are big and heavy and are common safety hazards. We don’t recommend tackling a task you are not sure you can carry out. Don’t risk your life and health to save a few dollars.

But how do you find a trustworthy technician?

First of all, make sure they have a proper license to perform any repairs around your garage. Unfortunately, they vary across the country, which can be a bit confusing for a customer. For example, the states of Virginia and Washington, D.C. require a state contractor’s license, whereas Maryland needs the contractor to have a home improvement commission license. Visit the company’s website and search for their licensing information or simply contact them and ask.

Second, make sure the company is not a scam and has been around for a while. Read reviews, visit their blog, and check the physical address. The latter is highly important since, in case of a door malfunctioning, you want to be sure you will find the company afterward.

Common Garage Door Problems: The Complete Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide

Consider Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems with Experts

STI Garage Door is a company with six years of experience conducting a multitude of services. We are a reliable and credible partner for any garage door related issues. With a focus on the customer experience, we will guide through the entire process, from finding the problem, estimating costs and time to fix it as well as carrying out the door repair or installation.

Before we begin, we advise you to look for the following signs:

  • Moving parts, including springs, have rust on them;
  • Springs look old and stretched out;
  • Your door has been operating more slowly/quickly than usual;
  • There are possible issues with the door opener and motor.

Contact our specialists in case of discovering one of the above-mentioned issues or any other and make an appointment.

If you are looking for a commercial garage door repair, we’re also here for you. We specialize in repairing locks and garage opener systems. We will fix or replace damaged brackets, hinges, and rollers as well as inspect the track hardware.


A garage is an important part of suburban life that serves both functional and aesthetic roles. Particularly a garage door can ruin the first impression of the house or improve it and create a perfect curb appeal. Besides, malfunctioning garage doors can put your kids and you in danger, which is why it’s so important to make sure your door is up to standards.

Contact STIGarageDoor now to receive a consultation and arrange a visit from a specialist. We’ll assess the condition of your door and start fixing it as soon as possible. Further, you can receive helpful tips on maintaining a healthy garage door and ensuring the best safety for your family members.