Garage Door Opener Gear Replacement: How to Change Them Without a Specialist

Garage door gears can get worn out over time. One way of noticing this is when you hear the motor running, but the garage door isn’t open. If that is the case, do not worry, as you can easily fix this issue. It is always better to replace gears before they suffer further damage. Replacing a gear in the garage door opener is both quick and inexpensive. The best part is that you can do it by yourself as it is easy to learn how to replace a garage door opener gear.

Garage Door Opener Gear Replacement: How to Change Them Without a Specialist

When Is a Garage Door Opener Gear Replacement Needed?

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So why is a garage door opener gear replacement important? Over time, the gears can become damaged due to wear and tear. For this reason, you have to inspect the gears regularly. Once you notice some damage, it is better to replace the gears ASAP. Otherwise, you will have more damage which will be costly to repair.

Can you replace a drive gear on a garage door opener by yourself? Yes, but you can always contact STI Garage Door specialists and get professional help.

Garage Door Opener Gear Replacement: How to Change Them Without a Specialist

Quick DIY Guide on How to Replace a Gear in a Garage Door Opener

Are you ready to change or replace gear in a garage door opener? Here are a few steps on how to change plastic gear in a garage door opener.

1. Disconnect the power supply

Preparation is one of the most important steps when learning how to change garage door opener gear. The first thing you want to do is disconnect the power supply to the garage door opener. Release the emergency rope to disconnect the power. You can now close the garage door manually. Once the door is closed, turn your attention to the opener. Remove the garage door opener cover.

2. Examine garage door gears

Check the gears carefully. The goal is to see if there is any damage. Look carefully at the edges. Do they seem worn out? If they do, you can see some shreds on the edges. This is a sign that it is time to get new plastic garage door gears. You can buy new gears at a garage door dealer. Sometimes, it is easy to place an order for a specific type of gear for your garage door. In other cases, you can purchase a garage door kit from a local garage store or online. A kit should have:

  • New gears
  • Washers
  • Grease

An instruction manual is also included in the kit. Call a professional if the tools are in good shape.

3. Gather your tools

When you want to change gear in a garage door opener, it is always best to gather all your tools at once. That way, you don’t have to keep going back and forth and can solely focus on the work at hand. Keep each tool in an organized fashion to quicken the process. The tools you will need include:

  • Nut drivers
  • A screwdriver
  • An Allen wrench
  • A hammer
  • A punch

4. Create room by loosening the circuit board

Depending on the type of garage door you have, there might be a need to loosen the circuit board. This will provide more room when you replace gear in a garage door opener. To do this, just loosen a few screws, and the circuit board will become loose.

5. Reduce tension on the chain

The next step is to reduce the tension on the gears. The chain is attached to the rod, which creates tension as the gears operate. To loosen the chain, use a wrench so that the nuts become free. You need another wrench to keep the chain in place. Once you have loosened the chain, do not remove the wrench until you are done with changing the garage door gear.

6. Remove gears

To remove the sprocket and gear assembly, loosen the screws that keep it in place. With the sprocket assembly out, you should remove the helical gear from the shaft. Use a punch and hammer to remove the pin that keeps the gear in position. Should this prove difficult, spray some grease on the pin and leave it for a few minutes. To loosen the worm gear, simply loosen the screws on the collar. Now you can remove the gears, washers, and remaining screws.

7. Change opener gears

Replace worm gear garage door openers with new ones. Put the worm gears on the shaft and then return the motor assembly. The next step is to put the helical gears. Make sure you add some grease to the new gears. Once the gears have been placed correctly, tighten the chain. Put the cover of the opener, switch on the power source, and try opening the garage door.

Garage Door Opener Gear Replacement: How to Change Them Without a Specialist

Consider STI Garage Door Your Trusted Partner

Experts at our company know how to replace garage door opener gear. You can expect only the best work from our team. We can repair Craftsman, Liftmaster, and any other type of garage door gear. The cost to replace garage door opener gear depends on the brand. Be rest assured that you are in the best hands. STI Garage Door can change gears for both commercial and domestic garage door openers. Call us, and we will be there for you.

Final Thoughts

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Replacing gear in a garage door opener is important, especially if you note the damage. You first need to inspect that the gears are worn out. For worn-out gears, get new ones online or at a local garage door store. Next, gather your tools and get to work. Make sure you disconnect the power supply before changing gears. Changing gears is easy. If you need help with replacing your gears, STI Garage Door is the company to call. Get in touch right away!

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You can change the gears by yourself, following our guide. Get new gears, switch off the power, and remove the old gears. After, you can replace the old gears with new ones and switch the power back on. Changing garage door gears is a simple and cheap task.

The process is the same as described above. If you are unsure about your Craftsman garage door opener specifics, contact STI Garage Door. Our specialists will help you replace a garage door opener.

Yes. It is important to change the gears on the garage door opener once they become damaged.

The cost will depend on the type of garage door you have. Gears cost between $15 to $30.