A Quick Guide to Change a Garage Door Code on a Keypad or Remote Opener

The garage door opener remote is a huge convenience that most people might not pay much attention to until something goes wrong. With the remote, you can open the garage door from outside. The keypad is placed outside the garage and allows you to open it by entering a PIN. The PIN can be activated or deactivated when you put in a personal identification number.

Sometimes you may need to change the garage door code. This can be done for many reasons, like improving your security or getting access to your garage when you forget the code. You may be wondering how to reset the garage door code. Well, you can try to do it by yourself or call up a professional to do the work for you. If you chose the DIY route, this article will help you figure out how to change garage door opener code.

A Quick Guide to Change a Garage Door Code on a Keypad or Remote Opener

Why Do You Need to Change the Garage Door Code?

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Before you go about changing a code on a garage door opener, you need to understand what you’re doing. Let us first look at the function of the code. The primary function of the code is to give you easy access to your garage. With just a press of a few buttons, the door opens up, making it more convenient than having to open the door manually. Using a keypad and remote are less energy-consuming and take less time. That is why you rarely find doors that just open manually.

The code is also designed to provide security. The fact that it is a unique code that only you and your family members know is an advantage. Only people who have this code can have access to your home. So you can stay rest assured that no one will break into your house.

With the many advantages that keypads and remotes offer, it would be frustrating if they just stopped working, right? The code may need to be reset, especially if you entered the wrong one several times or you simply can’t remember it. In this case, resetting a garage door code is the best option. If the code gets stuck, changing it is the only solution.

Another reason you may have to change a code on a garage door keypad is if someone hacked the remote control or if it is missing. Also, it is advisable to change a garage door opener remote code regularly. This helps you keep your home secure.

Now that you know what the code does, learning how to change garage keypad code should be easy. So, is changing the garage door code on the keypad something that you can attempt on your own? Yes! For the most part, the process is easy. But if you still feel unsure or don’t want to aggregate the issue, you should call up a professional technician. That way, your keypad should be working without any problems immediately.

How to Change a Code on a Garage Door Keypad: 5 Quick Steps

The keypad and remote control need batteries to work. So before you decide to change a code on the overhead door keypad, make sure the batteries are working. If not, replace them first.

Here is a quick guide on how to change a garage remote code.

#1 Access Your Door’s Motor

To access the motor, you’ll need a stepladder. The motor is located close to the top of the garage door. It should be on one side of the garage door. Be extra careful when climbing the ladder, as a fall could result in serious injuries.

#2 Reset the Motor

Now that you have access to the motor, it is time to reset it. Look for the “reset” button on the motor. Press it for a few seconds until the small light close to it goes off. The light turning off is a sign that the memory on the motor has been erased. Stop pressing the button once the light is off.

#3 Enter the New Code

With the old memory wiped, it now becomes possible to input a new passcode. To put a new PIN, simply press the “Reset” button. This can be found on the control panel of the motor. Hold onto the button until the light turns on. Now, you can put the new code on the keypad of the opener.

Once you have entered the new passcode, the light will start blinking. This is an indication that the keypad is working again. You can now press and hold the same button until the light stops blinking. Press it again until the light goes off.

#4 Reprogram the Remote

You can now switch off the motor. Now it is time to work on the remote control. Press the reset button on the remote to change the program. The light on the motor should start blinking again if you press the remote for long enough. If that happens, your attempt at changing the code has been successful. If not, then you may have to redo the entire process.

#5 Reprogram Other Remotes

If you have other remotes connected to the opener, you should reset them as well. Simply press the learn button for a few seconds, then press the new code of your choice on the remote control. Doing this is helpful, especially if you have several remotes for each of your family members. Use the same steps to reprogram each remote.

Once you have changed the key on a remote, it is essential to test it. This allows you to know if you have solved the problem. If, after resetting the code several times, the door doesn’t open, call a specialist. If the door opens and closes without any trouble, then you reset the code successfully.

Are you still having trouble changing a garage code keypad? Or you forgot to use a clicker to close the house garage door before you got outside, let a professional from STI Garage Door help you out. We can also help to set up a keyless Raspberry Pi to open the garage door from a phone or monitor and close your garage lock remotely. Contact us now!

A Quick Guide to Change a Garage Door Code on a Keypad or Remote Opener

How to Change a Code on a Remote Garage Door Opener: For Keyless Remotes

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Changing the code on the remote is easier than resetting the keypad. Here is how to do it for keyless codes.

To start, make sure you clear out the information on the garage door opener. You can achieve this by pressing the learn button on the opener. The button is found on the back of the garage door opener. Just press it for a few seconds until the light goes off. With that done, you can start changing the passcode of the remote control.

#1 Remove the Remote Control’s Cover

Your first task is to remove the cover of the remote control. For most cases, your hands should be sufficient. If this proves difficult for you, then try using a screwdriver. Put the screwdriver in the corners and use force to pull it out. Apply just the right amount of pressure so that you don’t damage the remote control. Removing the cover should expose the different switches of the remote. These different switches allow you to change the code.

#2 Compare Positioning of Switches

Now take a close look at the switches. You should compare their position with that of the garage door opener. This allows you to know how to position any code. So when changing the code, you would know the exact way to set the switches.

#3 Reset the Switches

This is the easiest step on how to reset the garage door code for keyless entries. It should take a few minutes. Reset the switches with the new code that you want to use. Make sure you choose a strong PIN.

#4 Access the Motor

Take your ladder and position it close to the entrance of the garage door. Placing it directly under the motor gives you more room to access it without putting yourself at risk of injuries. Make sure you have enough leverage and avoid climbing the ladder up as this can be dangerous.

With you positioned safely on the ladder, remove the cover of the motor. You can use your hands or use a screwdriver in the same way you did to remove the remote cover. When you open the cover of the motor, you should see several switches that have a similar arrangement to those in the remote.

#5 Reposition the Switches

You can now reposition the switches to match the arrangement of the remote. Be extremely careful when proceeding with this step, as it is the most important one when changing the code for keyless remotes. If something goes wrong at this stage, the code will not work and so opening and closing the garage door will not be possible. Once you have repositioned the switches correctly as you did in the remote control, the door should start working properly again.

Whenever you reset the code on the remote control, make sure it is something easy to remember. But also, the 4-digit PIN should be something that only you would know. You want to avoid things like birthdays, the year you were born, anniversaries, or common codes like 1234. Because these passcodes are easy to guess, your home won’t be secure.

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A Quick Guide to Change a Garage Door Code on a Keypad or Remote Opener

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Final Thoughts

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The garage door keypad code is essential in keeping unwanted people from your home. It also provides a very convenient way of entering and leaving your garage and home. However, to keep it secure, you have to change it frequently.

We checked out how to change a code on a remote garage door opener, so you may reset the code by yourself if it suddenly stops working. When the door fails to open and close, the first step is to make sure the batteries are working. Also, make sure the motor is fully functional.

With a few simple steps, you should be able to reset the code and re-establish your home’s security. Make sure you are very careful when changing the code, especially since you can injure yourself while climbing on the ladder. You can also call STI Garage Door if you prefer a professional to change the code on your behalf or show how to change a code on a garage door remote the DIY route next time!

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Changing the garage door code can be easily done with the above tips or by calling a professional team. Make sure to follow safety precautions to avoid injuries if you do it by yourself.

Changing the code regularly helps you keep your garage and home secure. Also, if the remote stops working or cannot open the garage door, you may have to reset it.

To change the code on keyless entries, simply make sure the different switches on the remote and motor match. To do this, open the garage door remote control and motor and make adjustments accordingly.

If you are looking on how to change the code on a garage door keypad, first, reset the motor. Then input your new code on the remote, and you are good to go.