How to Replace Garage Door Sensors: A Detailed Guide

Garage door sensors have become pretty mainstream, and many more people are embracing electronic garages. Although they are quite popular, many individuals still don’t understand what they actually do. In a nutshell, the sensors ensure that the garage door closes smoothly. If any object is in the path, the sensors will detect it and prevent further forward motion.

By doing so, it prevents possible damage to the garage door. It is quite tricky to spot damaged sensors. But when that’s the case, knowing how to replace garage door sensors can come in handy. Replacing garage door sensors may sound intimidating, but we will look at an extensive guide to make it as easy as one-two-three.

What you need to know before replacing garage sensors

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Garage door sensors are an important component of modern garages. Although these devices are quite costly, they serve a very important purpose. The superficial understanding of the sensors is that they are required to open and close the garage door. While that is true, it is more of an oversimplification.

Garage door sensors are complex devices and can be pretty expensive. As such, they need to be carefully maintained. Garage door sensors have a safety feature. This allows the sensor to shoot beams along its path of motion. These beams are designed to pinpoint the location of an object that is in its way. This feature does not protect both the garage door and objects standing in its path from damage. It is also a safety feature, especially if you have kids and pets running around.

In the event of damaged sensors, you’ll have to make a garage door opener sensor replacement your top priority. Putting the repair off for a later time or ignoring it will create more problems for you. The most crucial aspect of understanding how to replace garage door sensors is ensuring you take the right measure to ensure that you are safe during the entire process.

How to Replace Garage Door Sensors: A Detailed Guide

How to identify when to replace a garage door sensor

We have already identified the role that garage door sensors serve, especially their safety feature. Therefore, a damaged or malfunctioning sensor should not be ignored. In fact, you should try by all means to replace it as soon as possible.

The following issues should help you identify when to replace a garage door sensor:

  • The garage door fails to close when you push the button on the garage door or takes too much time to open or close;
  • If you notice that photoelectric lights are not coming on. Garage sensors usually have two LED lights that come on when the machine is operating. If the lights don’t come on, you probably have to replace the sensor;
  • The collection of dust on the sensor can be a big problem and interfere with its function. If the sensor is not regularly maintained, this could lead to permanent damage;
  • A sensor may fail to work because there’s not a constant supply of electricity;
  • Compromised wiring. This could be due to entanglement, breakage, or burns.

Guide on how to replace garage door sensors

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Once you have taken the necessary measures to check that the sensor is indeed damaged, you can then replace it. Can garage door sensors be replaced easily? Yes, especially with the right guidance and supervision. Let’s look at a step-by-step approach of how to replace garage door sensors as well as how to replace a garage door sensor wire in no time.

Ensure you have all the equipment you need

Before you start, make sure you have all the tools you need. This includes buying new garage sensors. And double-checking the state of the environment you are working in to prevent any accidents.

If you have children or pets, make sure they stay clear of the area. Some of the best garage door openers can be obtained from the following vendors:

  • Chamberlain
  • Genie
  • Stanley
  • Frontpoint
  • Legacy
  • Craftsman

Disconnect the garage sensor from the power source

You’ll need a ladder for this step. Unplug the sensor from the power source before you do anything else. This cuts the flow of electricity to both the sensors and the motorized component of the garage mechanism. Cutting the power also ensures you’re working in a safe environment.

Remove the sensors

Once you have the power disconnected, remove the safety sensor and separate it from the case. Identify the wires and cut them about an inch away from the safety sensor. This is done to make it easier to connect the wiring to a new device. Once you are done with the first sensor, do the same for the other one.

Attach the new safety sensor wires

Identify all the individual wires on the new sensor and match them to the control wires of the corresponding color. Connect the wires using the crimp wire nut. Once you have successfully connected the first safety sensor, do the same for the second.

Install the new sensors

Take the first sensor and slide it into the bracket and fixate it with a nut. When you’re sure the first is in place, repeat the actions with the second one.

Restore the power

Double check the installation of the garage door sensors. If everything is in place, plug them into a socket to restore the flow of electricity.

Line up the garage sensors

Basically, a garage door won’t close if something is blocking the sensors. Therefore, you need to align the garage sensors. Pay attention that an uninterrupted glowing green light should be noticed when the sensors are lined up.

Test the installation

Once you are done installing the new garage door sensors, try opening the door. Once that is done, put an object in the path of the door, preferably a box between the sensors. This blocks the beam emitted from the sensors. If you try to close the door, it should stay. If the door closes, the logic board of the sensors should be replaced. Repeat the test after making the changes. If it’s still not working, your best option would be to call someone with the right expertise to lend a hand.

The help of a professional will guarantee that the replacement is successful. STI Garage Door offers the appropriate services to make sure your replacement goes off without a hitch. We will help you find high-quality products that will last and do the installation for you at a very affordable rate.

How to Replace Garage Door Sensors: A Detailed Guide

How much does it cost to replace garage door sensors?

We have already highlighted the complexity of garage door sensors. They are quite sophisticated devices that can be quite expensive. This means that replacing the sensors could be a bit costly and explains why some people decide to ignore it. But doing so will compromise the safety of your home.

Usually, if you call experts who check the basic parts and provide maintenance during the year, replacing parts of the garage door may cost you less. The service price can range starting from $80 to $250, depending on the complexity and if you need to replace the sensors.

The STI Garage Door company is dedicated to serving its clients by providing the best products at the most affordable prices. We have helped many clients across the United States find the ideal garage for their homes. And during this time, we’ve provided the best garage doors and reliable installation services for our clients. We also specialize in creating custom doors for our clients based on what they want for their house.

So how much does it cost to replace garage door sensors? Pricing is not one size fits all. We provide the pricing based on the problem we need to solve. The negotiations are made before the repairs can begin; that way, you know exactly what to expect.

To come up with the pricing, we first conduct a thorough evaluation of the problem. Once that is done, we will tell you your options, and it will be up to you to pick the one you’re comfortable with. Offering the best service at an affordable price is our priority, therefore, don’t expect to pay additional funds after the final price has already been decided.

Final thoughts

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Damaged garage door sensors can cause a lot of problems for you. In many cases, it should be considered an emergency and resolved as soon as possible. If you’re asking yourself, “Can I replace garage door sensors by myself?” The answer is yes, and we have looked at some of the tips on how to replace a garage door safety sensor.

We have highlighted 8 simple steps to help you get your garage door in working condition. Each of the steps has been explained concisely to reduce any chances of mistakes happening during the replacement.

STI Garage Door has all your garage door-related needs covered. In the case of damage to the sensor, we can provide experienced professionals who can help you resolve your issue. We offer the best rates on the market, so pricing is not a big issue with us. Contact us today and get the best service in return!

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