7 Causes of Garage Door Keypad Not Working and How to Fix It

Have you tried to open the garage door but failed? You have checked everything and nothing seems to be the problem? It might be time to check the keypad. The keypad eliminates the need for keys or a remote. With the code, you and your family members can easily enter the garage. Another advantage of a keypad is the security it provides. Only people with a security code can access your home.

If you enter the code and see nothing happening, it might set you in panic mode. You may be wondering, ‘Why is a garage door keypad not working?’ Stick with us as we give you the top reasons why this can happen and ways of troubleshooting the keypad.

Why Is The Keypad for the Garage Door not Working?

A keypad is a great convenience. All keypads, whether manual or wireless, can face universal problems. If you put the code and there is no response, you shouldn’t panic immediately. The problem might be with the keypad and not the garage opener.

Maybe the batteries have expired, or there is a faulty connection between the wires and keypads. The issues you face regarding a keypad are the same despite the brand. The great news is most of the problems can be resolved without calling a professional. However, some of them should be repaid and checked out by experts. Read on for more detailed information.

7 Causes of Garage Door Keypad Not Working and How to Fix It

Top 7 Causes of Garage Door Keypad not Working

We have collected the main causes of a garage door keypad not working and the tips on how to fix the problems.

1. Dead batteries

When last did you change your batteries? If it has been a while, then that may be why the garage door keypad is not working. Keypads work with batteries, and there is no warning when they run low, so you shouldn’t forget to replace them. Is the garage door keypad blinking? If it is, then you know the batteries are working. But if nothing happens, then the issue might be elsewhere.

2. Damaged wires

So you checked the batteries and found that they are still working. What is the next move? If the garage door keypad is not working after changing the battery, check the wires. Wires can suffer damage as a result of wearing out. The weather conditions in your area may cause wires to get damaged within a short time. In most cases, the connection between wires and keys is interrupted.

Check the keypad to determine if the wires might be damaged. You have to remove the back cover first. Inspect the keys to make sure the wires are well-connected. If the wires are detached, connect them properly, put the cover back, and try to open the door again. If this doesn’t work, then call a maintenance specialist to check out the wires.

7 Causes of Garage Door Keypad Not Working and How to Fix It

3. Poor connection between the buttons

If you try all the above and nothing changes, then malfunctioning buttons may be a possible reason for a garage door opener keypad not working. You can check this by putting in a random four-digit code. This random number shouldn’t have any digits that are in your code. If this works, it means that there’s a problem with the keys.

A possible cause may be accumulated debris. Also, old keypads can have malfunctioning buttons. Some keys can become loose over time, making it difficult for you to open the garage door. Try to clear the debris. But if this fails, then you need a replacement.

4. Old keypad

Have you considered that the garage door will not open with the keypad because it might be old? Remember that the keypad is placed outside your home. It is exposed to so many outdoor environmental conditions such as rain, snow, and humidity. These factors can cause damage over time. How long this takes depends on the brand you use. The average lifespan is ten years for most keypads. Look for cracks or lose keys as these may indicate that the keypad is old.

If you check other parts and everything seems in place then you should consider a keypad replacement. The best option is to call a specialist to check out the keypad first. Sometimes an old keypad may work if it has been repaired properly. But if nothing works, then your only option is to get a new one. Garage Door specialists will advise you on the type to buy and will install it for you.

5. Malfunctioning code

You may notice that there’s no problem when closing the garage door but opening it becomes a challenge. The code may malfunction and be the reason why the keypad for a garage door is not working. Several things may lead to a malfunctioning security code.

Depending on the model, you have to reprogram the keypad whenever you replace batteries. Another reason the code won’t work is that the keypad is old, so it may not recognize the code. You may also have accidentally put a PIN, which may interfere with the code.

If the code is not working properly, you should reprogram it. Programming is easy, although it may be different for each model. All you have to do is press the ‘learn’ button on the opener. This is usually an orange button, so locating it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are still unsure, check the manual, which has instructions on how to reprogram the keypad. Press the learn button, leave it for a few seconds, then input the new code. This again will depend on the manufacturer since some require you to put the new code within 30 seconds. Once you put the new code, press the enter button.

If you fail or can not find the manual, call an expert. The expert can reset the new code for you. Ask the professional to check for other possible issues if the keypad still refuses to work.

7 Causes of Garage Door Keypad Not Working and How to Fix It

6. Stuck keys

Dust and dirt can accumulate in the space between keys, making them stick to each other. If this happens, it may be responsible for the keypad garage door opener not working. When keys are stuck, even if you input the code, the garage opener won’t respond.

So how do you resolve this? Simple and thorough cleaning is all that’s required. Make sure you clean the inside and outside of the keypad with a clean cloth. Pay special attention to the spaces between the buttons. To clean the inside, you can use a soft brush. Compressed air is another useful alternative as it helps you to remove all the dirt from the keypad.

7. Incorrect PIN

Are you unsure of the security code? Then it is probably best to avoid putting it several times. There is usually a limit for how many times you can put the code. If you keep putting the wrong code, the keypad will be blocked — this is a security measure and works the same way as credit cards.

If you cannot remember the code to the remote control, you have to create a new one. You can do this by pressing the learn button on the opener. Resetting the new code takes a few minutes. Put the new code, and everything should return to normal.

Should this not work, you need to reboot the entire system. Rebooting is a way of clearing all the memory from your system. This includes the previously used pin code. You can achieve this by switching off the garage opener and unplugging it for about 5 minutes. Once you plug it back in, you can set a new security code.

If a reboot doesn’t work, you need professional help. You may need to install a new keypad. In some cases, an installation of the entire system is required.

Final Thoughts

A garage door keypad may stop working for many reasons. Maybe the batteries have no power, or the buttons are stuck. These are all problems that you can resolve by yourself. Sometimes the wire connection may be disrupted. Try to check if there is any damage. Putting in the wrong code may keep the garage door from opening. If this happens, you can reset the pin code by using the opener. If this fails, a complete system reboot should get the keypad working normally again.

You do not need to be an expert to reboot your system. When you are not sure, reading the manufacturer’s guide can prove helpful. If the problem persists, call the professionals to diagnose and fix the problem. Hire STI Garage Door services for any issues with your keypad. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair services to our clients.


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