How to Fix a Bent Garage Door Panel: Tips & Tricks

A garage door may sometimes fail to close or open properly when it is bent. A bent garage door panel may get tuck as it moves up or down. A bend in a garage door can be caused by several things, such as you running your car in the door. The slightest of these bends can cause serious consequences down the road. So it is best to fix a bent garage door panel immediately. A small dent can slightly affect the function of the door. The same cannot be said for huge bends in the garage door panel.

So how do you go about it? Can a bent garage door panel be fixed? How can a bent garage door panel be repaired? How much will it cost? Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions.

Can a Bent Garage Door Panel Be Fixed?

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Typically, the door should travel up and down without any difficulties. The panel can suffer a bend which causes it to lag when operating the door. It is a common problem that many homeowners may not think of. But taking a close look at the garage door may reveal a small bend, which might be the cause of the garage door not functioning properly. The track and rail of the garage door can be damaged as well if the door has a bend.

A panel can break at the top, middle, or bottom. In all cases, the door will sag. It is important to pay attention to the panels so that you can fix the problem on time. Leaving the problem to persist will only worsen the problem and put a train on the other parts of the garage door. As soon as you notice that the panel has a dent, get it checked out. Make sure you check the springs as well to make sure they are still exerting enough tension.

The good news is that a garage door panel can be fixed. However, it has to be done properly. You can learn how to fix a garage door panel that is bent by yourself, but the slightest slip can result in serious injuries. So it is best to call up a professional to have it checked out. STI Garage Door has specialists who know how to straighten a bent garage door panel. Let the professional do it on your behalf.

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door Panel: Tips & Tricks

How to Fix Bent Garage Door Panel

As mentioned above, it is better to let a professional handle repairing a bent garage door panel. But if you insist on doing it on your own, here is an easy way of how to fix a bent garage door panel. Each of these options is a good solution.

1. Get a Brand New Panel

One of the best options is to replace the panel. Trying to keep bent panels not recommended as it will worsen the problem. It is easier to get new panels instead of trying to repair the dent.

Call an expert to analyze the extent of the damage. A replacement can usually be done within a few hours. So you will have your garage door looking brand new again. Getting a new panel is a good option for a garage door top panel bent. A replacement is good for dents at the top, middle, and bottom of the panel.

2. Get Rid of the Bend Using a Hammer

If you have a small dent, you can easily fix the panel using a hammer. Use a hammer to straighten the dent. You can use a wooden mallet to repair a small bend in the garage door panel. Put the mallet behind the part that you want to straighten up. Then use the hammer to gently hit on the part that has a dent.

Be careful not to injure your fingers as you hit the hammer on the dent. Also, be careful not to apply too much force as it will only make the dent bigger. Pay more attention when the top panel of the garage door is bent. It will require you to climb a ladder so that you can reach the top.

Using a hammer to straighten the dent should be a temporary solution. If you use too much force, it may make the crack bigger. Even if you remove the dent, the area is already weakened, so another bend will likely occur at the same place.

3. Use Suction Cups

Another option of how to fix a bent garage door panel is to use suction cups. This is one of the newer methods that experts are using. It works best for small dents. If you have a door that is completely made of metal, then suction tools could work.

The suction tools are placed on the area of the panel with a dent and the pressure straightens the segment that was damaged. Remember that this only works for tiny dents and would be effective if your car hit the garage door panel. An advantage of this method is that it takes a few minutes for the task to be completed.

4. Use Heat to Remove the Dent

Heating a piece of metal and cooling it allows it to take its previous form. So if you have metallic panels, you can apply heat and let it cool in a straight position. This allows getting rid of the dent. To achieve this, you will need aluminum foil.

Place the aluminum foil on the segment that requires straightening. Then use a source of heat and compressed air to quickly heat and cool the panel. This should take a few minutes. The panel will be straight again.

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door Panel: Tips & Tricks

How Much Does a Bent Garage Door Panel Repair Cost?

How much it costs to repair a bent garage door panel will depend on the extent of the damage. If you have small cracks, holes, or dents, then you can easily repair the panel. If you want to fix a bent garage door panel hit by a car, it may be more costly. It typically costs about $100 to $200 to repair a panel. The cost also depends on the type of garage door that you have. Steel door panels are cheaper than wooden garage door panels.

If the impact was big, then you should consider a complete replacement. It is advisable to replace a bent garage door panel if it is severely damaged. If you try to repair it, the door will continue sagging as you try to open or close it. You have the option of just replacing the panel or getting an entirely new garage door. Replacements require you to find the panel for the type of door that you have. If you want to replace the panels, it might cost between $700 to $1,400. It all depends on the type of door that you have.

So why should you work with an expert? The many advantages include:

  • Better diagnostics
  • High-quality work
  • Experience in fixing panels
  • Maintenance services
  • Reduced risks of injuries

Final Thoughts

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Garage door panels can be easily damaged even without any serious impact from a car. A small dent in the panel can cause the door to stop moving smoothly whenever you try to close or open it. It is essential to repair the problem as soon as you can. Leaving the problem unattended will only put more strain on the other parts of the garage door system. While you can learn how to repair a bent garage door panel, it is always better to call up a specialist. That way, you get the best work done and avoid injuring yourself.

STI Garage Door services are always available. Call us to check out what is causing your door to sag. We will send an expert to fix the problem ASAP!

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