How to Sync Garage Door Opener without a Specialist?

Automatic garages are pretty popular, and as a result, a syncing garage door opener to a car has become mainstream. Many more people want to use this automatic technology, and we will look at the reasons later on. Although the best results could be achieved by a professional, we will look at how you can sync your car garage opener to the remote of your vehicle. You should be able to get it done without running into any issues!

How to Sync Garage Door Opener without a Specialist?

Why Sync Garage Door Opener to a Car?

The main idea behind pairing your car key and your garage door is creating an easy entry or exit from one’s carport by using the car as a command center. The first remote-controlled garage door appeared on the scene in the thirties and has come a long way since. Nowadays, you can sync a garage door opener to your vehicle’s remote, and this technology brings both convenience and security.

So, what are the advantages of knowing how to sync a garage door opener to a car? First, automation has made so many things easier for us. Synchronizing your garage door to your car key means you only need one device to enter and leave your garage.

Modern garage door openers have been created using rolling code tech. This technology makes it difficult for hackers to compromise the door opener, thereby ensuring that home security is not compromised.

We can go all day listing the pros of syncing your garage door to your car keys, but it’s obvious that this is something you deserve to have. Many individuals have already considered doing so; however, the main obstacle is paying a pro to set up the sync. A professional will do the job best, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot do it for yourself. But you should also pay attention to the types of garage door openers you use. For example, you can do research before buying secure door openers from the companies like Chamberlain. You may also ask professional advice about the best options in the market that will suit your needs.

How to Sync Garage Door Opener without a Specialist?

How to Sync Remote Garage Door Opener in 9 steps

With the right guidance, you will be able to sync garage door opener to garage.  The following steps will help you achieve this:

1. Pick a Remote

The first step of how to sync a remote garage door opener is by finding a remote control. The first thing to check for is the company that produced your garage door. Once you have found out, proceed to buy the remote from the manufacturer.

The importance of this practice is to prevent any problems with compatibility further on. Genie and Liftmaster are some good manufacturers to choose from.

2. Locate the Learn Button

Every manufacturer of remotes has a unique way of programming it. Every remote comes with a learn button, so you can’t start the process. In order to get access to the learn button, you first have to find a removable cover located on the right side of the remote.

3. Program the Remote

Push and then hold the learn button to program the remote. Make sure you don’t let go until you see the light on the opener blinking. Press it once again, then another time to test if it’ll open the carport door. A positive result indicates successful programming.

You should remember that once you lose your remote, a complete re-programming of your opener is required. Only then you proceed to synchronize it with a new remote. This time hold down the learn button and then proceed to the steps we have already gone through.

4. Sync Your Garage Door Opener to Your Car’s HomeLink System

This step can be a bit difficult and technical. A lot of this difficulty is because there are so many things involved, and car manuals don’t really do a good job at clearing things up. The next steps will make sure you can do this in less than ten minutes.

Before you proceed, make sure you check the conditions of two things. The first is the pocket transmitter, and the other the car’s transmitter. If there aren’t any issues with both of them, you can move to the next step.

5. Program Your Garage Door Opener

First thing’s first, you will have to ensure that you aren’t disturbed during the programming. So you might have to open the door multiple times until you are sure nobody will approach you while you work. If you are certain of no disturbances, you can move on to pairing the parking space door to the Homelink system of your car.

6. Start with a New Battery

For your convenience, it’s recommended that you use a new battery in your garages’ transmitter. Yes, even if the one in it probably still has a good amount of energy left. The reason for this is to reduce any chances of failure during the synchronizing phase.

7. Switch to “ACC”

You will not be able to program the door without ensuring that the ACC is on (Access direction). So switch to ACC to continue programming.

8. Delete Pre-existing Programming

Working on a divide that has the previous coding will ruin your chances of success. So, before you can complete the process, make sure any old code is cleared. To do this, identify the two outermost buttons on your transmitter. Proceed to hold them down until you see a flickering light.

Once this is done, hold the main button on the transmitter for a total of about 30 seconds. You will know when to stop when you start to notice a reduction in the rate of flickering.  Point the transmitter in the direction of the light from a distance of about 2.5 inches. Press the button on the device, and you should notice an increase in the frequency of the blinking light. When you see this, it means you can let go of both buttons, and you’re almost done.

9. Complete the Programming

The last step on how to sync a garage door opener with a remote is to find the door’s motor. For this, you will need a ladder and a torchlight. Locate a small learn button on the motor, and once this is done, it’ll start to flicker. This button is not highlighted in most cases, so make sure you’re pressing the right one.

If you notice that the light just stays on without flashing, you have successfully synchronized the remote and garage door opener. Press the button on the car transmitter and hold it down for about three seconds. When you repeat this a second time, your door should move. Remember, don’t change the ACC.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering how to sync a car to a garage door opener, you can take some time to go through the steps highlighted above. If followed as stated, you can complete the sync in a matter of minutes. However, the best result will be produced by someone specialized and knows how to sync a garage door opener.

Contact STI Garage Door services, and we will find the right solution for you!

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